Do not fly happiness

A few days ago a friend and ask China to eat, because the way I would go with, and Q in China before seen in this photo with friends, fat bald, my impression is that the“Bad person”So before meals always I felt a lot of restraint, thinking that person should not be a mess。    Waited a few minutes, a friend came up and just order some dishes, they began to chat up from the nearest living and working to future development, from affection to their parents love children, between the words seems to me that this man in fact, is a very sociable person very principle, would have gone binding。    He Beverly years older, I have a lovely son, parents have to take, but bits and pieces of his own money to do some things。He said his father-in-law in several of the most despised him, that his daughter followed him suffer not happy, but he said that love is two things, happiness is not happiness only she knows, and his father said his daughter together, getting thinner, he did not have an excuse, do not hesitate to let his wife go to the hospital for examination, the results came out, his wife did not malnutrition, when only a small estimate of improper eating stomach a little bad。This time he came to the“question”Laozhang Ren, and how you used to be my wife, let his body this way。….It sounds a bit funny, but also fully demonstrated his intelligence。    He said parents have been to the children, very fortunate bitter, he will give parents some of the money, often also to the parents' home to see two old, for one thing, he gave the money to the parents and money to the son of points very clear , to the parents of the parents is to spend, spend son must have an invoice, he said this is for the sake of the future, the most difficult is the relationship between the world-law relationship, and for a man, palm back of the hand are the meat, while the mother side is his wife, of his own love of a woman, he does not want to get hurt either, so he wanted money to make it clear, to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings。In fact, he was protecting her mother, but also in protecting wife。    Wife to rest, say not to go out and play the next, he said, can ah!But where to do?Do not know at all。Then so be it, my wife, I'll show you a place where he took her to the bus station, a bus then stopped, looked at it on the train to sit down, when my wife asked, where are we going ah?where?I see, he looked up at the bus terminus, it is here ah!I'm speechless。But along the way they enjoy the view of the street while talking about something interesting, because it is a happy time off so fast。To the station, they casually stroll a bit, bought some delicious, and something interesting。Then, backtrack!    One to one back, I spent hundreds of dollars, but in this materialistic society, people in this tense city, from time to time to such a small surprise, seems to give life to add a lot of fun。A few days ago I like the Chinese to buy and eat grilled chicken, suddenly without warning began to rain, but the chicken exam half, gave the money can not do it, so they hid until chicken roasted under the umbrella of the boss well, then run home in the rain, has been too tired, but did not expect to feel a relaxed long-lost in the rain, I think life is to be so, too bland, but people feel boring。    For a time I also know why he felt he was not satisfied with Laozhang Ren, and his wife, but then betray him, the more the more experienced people know, because too frivolous when young, so now it is more stable, because when young, experienced, so now it is more treasure。I think we've been through so much, a few years later, we will settle down as he did, then thank life, enjoy life, to treat life!