Red wine against the Sprite good in the end?

To red wine against the carbonated drinks is about a decade ago began the rise of a drink, Chinese people generally like to eat sweet, so there was added to the dry red sugar sweet taste of Sprite to increase the practice is not surprising。 Although Wang Lei Jun teacher view, this innovation is a sort of incomprehensible approach, since this approach is completely unnecessary。
In his view, when making wine, grape juice itself is a substance, different substances contained in the grape juice are also natural combination in grape juice, after adding drinks from the outside, not into the beverage substance in red wine, and this adding calcium to make so-called high-calcium milk as an unnecessary practice。
Other experts point out that carbon dioxide in carbonated beverages containing the body no good。
Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, deputy director of the Department of Gastroenterology, Eastern Wu, MD, has pointed out: carbonated beverages in the stomach release of carbon dioxide gas will force alcohol quickly into the small intestine。
Intestinal absorption of alcohol speed, much faster than the stomach。 Diluted with alcoholic beverages, alcoholic taste light, but let people neglect themselves in drinking, drink more and more, drink more drunk happens。 Experts said with certainty: to drink red wine against, one is not necessary, the second is not good, it is recommended to drink red wine or taste the original, if not to drink wine, simply do not drink。 Red Cross Hospital medical experts pointed out: to red wine against the carbonated beverage is a wrong approach。
He noted that the so-called red, that is, after wine, wine feedstock sugar into alcohol complete, equal to or less than the amount of residual sugar / L of red wine, producing red original purpose is to reduce the sugar content of the wine to the purpose is not hazardous to health。 Have been racking their brains to process the grapes with sugar reduced, then fill the incorporation of sweet carbonated drinks will be added back sugar, is not it a mistake of drinking it experts say。
The results published in the 2011 American Association Scientific Sessions showed that drank two or more sweetened drinks makes a woman's thickening waistline and increase their risk of heart disease and, although we understand sweetened to increase taste practice, but does not agree to red wine against the practice of carbonated drinks。 Online circulating a statement: drinking red wine can protect the cardiovascular system helps to prevent and treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular。 There are many users deep that, but if the director believes Wu with alcohol and cardiovascular disease are closely linked, but anything, we need to master a degree, the degree between cardiovascular disease and alcohol is how much experts believe that the spread of the Internet It is arguable that this argument was mentioned mainly refers to cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis, that moderate drinking helps reduce atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease incidence, so as to achieve the purpose of prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease。 So the amount of exactly how much Wu with fruit Director further explained: the so-called small amount of alcohol, refers to the amount of alcohol between 30 grams -50 grams, translated into a high degree of alcohol (50 liquor) is not more than 2 two, if the general red wine (13 red wine), it is good for your health in 300 ml or less。
Once you are drinking more than this degree, not only can not protect the cardiovascular, but would harm the health and cardiovascular。 Health Tip: red wine on cardiovascular health are obvious, but when drinking red wine Two things to note: First, not too much, not more than 300 ml per day; two, not inside against other beverages, especially not blended with high-sugar drinks, sweetened beverages increases the risk of cardiovascular disease。
Users are not too biased on alcohol awareness, Know moderate drinking helps the body healthy, but we must guard against excessive drinking more beverages。
Diet way, too far。