Small diving late in essence is a very naive reaction

Wednesday after the market shot up concussion late in diving, where the main stock index closed down%; GEM large decline in%。 Shanghai stock market in 3300 and the line was shut integer and gains and losses, and Liangnengfangtai, gives the impression that the poor form of short-term。 Then rose in early trading market is more robust How afternoon suddenly turned hostile?The impact from the news or technical?How to market outlook?For today's market our overall judgment is late fall does have some influence non-technical factors, but the trend of the GEM of view, also reasonable adjustments。
There are some points late in the cause of weakness attributed to the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates is about to begin, but the fact is that since last year the Fed will hike into the rhythm, and when interest rates are something to be expected, basically gradually market as a kind of normalization of the bearish influence has been digested, so the impact of the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates for a shares is basically negligible。 Today's adjustment to our understanding there are two reasons, one is from short-term small-ticket market speculation occasion of the formation of only the surplus of short-term profit; and important a factor adjustment from today's point of view, we tend to think from Some factors OTC。 Last week, US President signed the "Taiwan exchanges Act" passed by Congress, but immediately respond severely Chinese Foreign Ministry, embassy, the Ministry of Defense, and several other important sectors。 There is also a tough detail seems to be more serious and qualitative expression of the Chinese Follow-up response in the event of。 In the beginning, this bill is to major media called "Taiwan Travel Law", but now the translation of this is called "exchanges with Taiwan Law"。 Meaning "association" and the content covered is much larger than the "travel", so that better reflect the severity of the translation, said China's dissatisfaction and concern for this incident。 In the statement the Ministry of Defense, the direct request of the United States "shall be subjected to the relevant content."。
This impression is quite rare words。 But, but whether the United States or Taiwan authorities after the entry into force of the bill just signed by the president to start "implementation" of the。 The latest news is that the bill was just the 16th President of the United States Trump signature ,, Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu and the "Executive Yuan government members" Teng Chen-chung moderate officials on a series of visits Washington。
In today's Foreign Ministry's regular press conference, a reporter asked: According to reports, the US State Department Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Deputy Assistant Secretary Huang Han is visiting Taiwan, and will deliver a speech tonight, Tsai Ing-wen will also attend the field activity。
The United States has just signed the "Taiwan exchanges Law", American officials to visit Taiwan, the Chinese government if not satisfied?Clearly, not only Taiwan to send officials to the United States, US officials have visited Taiwan。 Foreign Ministry spokesman's answer is: China firmly opposes the so-called "Taiwan's exchanges with the Law," has made solemn representations to the US on the situation you mentioned。 We urge the US side adheres to the one-China principle and the three Sino-US joint communiques provisions to stop official exchanges and contacts with Taiwan in any form, prudently and properly handle Taiwan-related issues, so as to avoid serious damage to Sino-US relations and peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait。 What is of serious damage to peace and stability in Taiwan?it goes without saying。
So, today, the news appeared。
According to Taiwan's "Central News Agency" reported on March 21, 21, went to Yan Tak Project Report "Legislative Yuan Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee," when asked Luo Zhizheng question DPP "legislators", "mainland Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning No. 18 to 19 in East China Sea military activities, on the 20th into the Taiwan Strait, is true?"Taiwan defense authorities department head Yan Tak said the People's Liberation Army aircraft carrier 'Liaoning No. '20 days into the Taiwan Strait, he claimed, for the People's Liberation Army Air Training has spanned the entire process monitoring, control, current to comment。 The message is clear that the Chinese side confirmed that the United States and Taiwan already struggling to make a substantive response, only know the aircraft carrier has entered the Taiwan Strait, as to how long to stay, what to do?neither knows。
With the success of an important meeting was held, from high-level decision-making is extremely penetrating, we do not believe that the Chinese side will protest again in just a matter of core interest of this event, the concerns about it nothing, take your time developments, followed by Taiwan's Tsai Ing-wen is the pro-Japan, US-Taiwan independence government flatter unbearable weight。
We do not believe that no matter how tough the event and even China's market will generate force to deal with such a big impact, because these events will complete the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation are the inevitable face, not a powerful country is full Manniu not have any long bull, so the short-term diving linked with this really boring, is a naive reaction。 This kind of insecurity than reason, we prefer to believe that hot money is because yesterday represent music as retribution began after a crazy, so today GEM crash, the music, as the daily limit yesterday to the buyers of today only penny short-term profit opportunities throughout the day fell percent, after they almost hit bottom。
Therefore, the operation of the proposed short-term is not too concerned about those who can not grasp the news of unexpected events or changes to, adhere to a long-term trend will calmly。
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