Prevention of cervical erosion cervical erosion teach you to stay away

How to prevent cervical erosion?Cervical erosion is a disease that is very susceptible to female friends, and suffer from this disease, then not only miserable, it may also cause some other symptoms, so it is very Note。 And certainly not as preventive treatment, so learn to prevent cervical erosion is also very important。 Following small for everyone to talk about prevention of cervical erosion, cervical erosion teach you to stay away!Prevention of cervical erosion 1.Maintain a happy, exercise, enhance disease resistance。
2.Good contraceptive birth control to avoid the trauma of abortion after curettage。
3.Keeping the vulva clean, rinse with water, do not use every day all kinds of vaginal fluid rinse perineum, so as not to destroy the normal vaginal pH, resulting in bacterial infections cause inflammation。 4.Note that married life and health, both men and women must be married life before cleaning the vulva, the man to pay attention to remove smegma, because now that the smegma of cholesterol in the role of bacteria, can be transformed into carcinogenic substances。
Fives.Regular gynecological examinations, gynecological inflammation symptomatic treatment should be promptly。 6.Some female friends, met a cold, a headache on the choice of the use of antibiotics, in fact, antibiotics may kill some beneficial bacteria, so that bacteria have the opportunity to be stationed in the body。 Therefore, it is best to follow the doctor Zunzhu treatment, not indiscriminate use of antibiotics。
Cervical erosion prevention 7.Travel, with or without small hotel towels and bath, personal use items, pay attention to cleaning, especially when using the toilet, first clean the toilet mat is covered with clean paper or re-use, hotel coming and going, total you can not think of germs will appear。
Cervical erosion cervical erosion how it is how it happened for quite right for female patients often do not know why they would suffer from cervical erosion。
In fact, suffering from cervical erosion and are generally less for several reasons。 1.Some frequent abortion in young women before marriage intimate thing improper safety measures, resulting in frequent abortion, resulting in damage difficult to resist the invasion of bacteria appear cervix, causing inflammation。 Endocrine inflammation of women, a long soak in this cervical secretions, erosion will form。
In addition, cervical dilatation curettage and other gynecologic surgery, will also hurt the cervix。