The benefits of tai chi treatment of frozen shoulder

  In many disorders in the elderly are symptoms of frozen shoulder, practicing tai chi can effectively exercise the shoulder joint, relieve frozen shoulder。 But to pay attention to rest, even though Tai Chi is not a high-intensity exercise, but also to avoid chronic shoulder injury。 To keep warm on the shoulder during practice to prevent its invasion by the cold。   Why practice tai chi can relieve frozen shoulder Chinese medicine emphasizes the blood fluid in your circulation, tai chi exercise can improve blood circulation around the shoulder, and promote inflammatory metabolism, joint combing, blood flow, is an aerobic sport movement。 Its action coherent, round living, steadily throughout the whole body, it is good to clear the fascia muscle joints。 Taijiquan treatment of frozen shoulder, in line with the yin and yang of Chinese medicine, meridians, blood theory。
  Tai Chi with particular emphasis on the central axis within motivate the lumbar (outer axis), which in turn draws joints, inside and outside the human body relaxed, slow, round the integrity of Wushu。
This is bound to the human body systems especially the lumbar and limbs have been good and exciting, enhance its flexibility, coordination and strength, muscles and even bones of the human body and elastic and strengths, strengthen the joints and bones fixity and stability, thus ensuring the normal activities of joints and bones。
  Tai Chi exercises can ease the analysis of specific frozen shoulder frozen shoulder treatment practice tai chi is a Chinese characteristics therapy, practicing the therapy in your perseverance。 Taijiquan "Heaven, borrowing from nature," is a good way of effective prevention and treatment of frozen shoulder。 The method is simple, economical, practical, worthy of promotion。
1, by winding the swirling motion of the whole body, help restore the tissue function of the soft shoulder。 Tai Chi requires agility top virtual spiritual strength, upper body Chiang Kai-shek, Chen Jian falling elbow, highly conducive shoulders relaxed。
Jin Tai Chi starts from the foot, twisting the waist, made in the fingers, legs, waist, back, shoulder, arm coordination of the whole body movement, where the shoulder is a very important part of。
2, driven by the waist and legs, shoulder joints a lot of slow gentle swing winding movement, and joint itself is not required effort, not only to relax the shoulder joints and muscles, but also effectively restore the functional activity of the shoulder joint, help shoulder soft tissue returned to normal, long-term sitting, fixed posture for too long shoulder shoulder muscle strain caused by shoulder pain, there are very significant secondary effects for。 3, promote blood circulation through the body, metabolism, inflammatory substances, qi and blood flow, carding shoulder。
General symptoms of frozen shoulder shoulder pain and shoulder nerve will be oppressed because of wind, cold, wet and other evil invades the human body meridians, the lag in the joints, causing qi meridians closed resistance barrier。 Chinese medicine, "General non-pain, pain is unreasonable," saying, blood barrier at the pain, frozen shoulder patients with obvious tenderness at Jianjing。 4, is intended to tai chi qi, the body to transport gas to the atmosphere as the meridian passage, reach limb Jinguan。
Blood and body fluids, in your circulation, water does not rot, not bad move, practicing tai chi can improve the body's blood circulation。
Smooth running blood can be effectively metabolize inflammatory substances, there is stasis point sort of joint, shoulder to help treat arthritis。
  5, Tai Chi soft cotton coherent, strong body fitness。 Practicing regularly, because not only can relieve cold and frozen shoulder, back pain symptoms, but also adjuvant treatment of frozen shoulder, health care。