Sitting Liver has three strategies, adhere wonders (1) day

  Fu front abdominal palms on two flank portions slide down along the front abdominal massage; palms and fingertips relative, sliding along the left and right sides of the lower abdomen massage; finally slid upward along the two flank massage。
Mount abdominal object can promote blood circulation abdominal organs, to achieve harmonic whole body blood, dredging channels, and improve digestive function。
  Mount 10 can be controlled belly?20 minutes, do not be in the fullness。
  1 liver injury behavior.Excessive drinking today's society, social drinking has become almost a primary means, or whether it is to do business with friends, wine seems less and less of a mood, and even how many people used to drink to assess the depth of friendship, so you me a glass cup, have to fight a "no drunk no return" relinquish。  2.Casually take medicine for life no one would dare say that they never take medicine, from prevention to care little cold, not eating disease health care, sick take medicine, pharmacy crowds, special medicines billboard, busy pharmaceuticals salesman……These are all described in the drug filled every corner of our lives; and we also are suffering from "suffering" of these drugs!  3.Lack of sleep now, more and more abundant nightlife, especially in the cities, to the early morning twelve points a variety of entertainment is still crowded; not even play, a lot of people online at home, playing cards will play to forget bedtime。
Lack of sleep, has become a serious harm to human health "killer"。
  4.All day depressed, angry love life will inevitably lead to frustration, resentment, hate, injustice, to seek psychological balance, we must release these emotions。However, Pavlov pointed out: "All the sadness and anxiety stubborn enough to open the door to disease。
"Although the release of emotions occasionally good for the body, but long-term depression, quick to anger, the body is a hundred more harm than good。
  1 Liver foods, vitamin-rich foods: damage, easily lead to vitamin deficiency。You can eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, while helping to enhance liver repair, detoxification, hemostasis function。  2, carbohydrate-containing foods: facilitate reserves of glycogen, to protect and maintain the function of the liver, can supplement with pure sugar foods such as white sugar, glucose, candy。  3, high-protein foods like: relatively high nutritional value of protein, is conducive to liver cell regeneration and repair。You can eat soy milk, fish soup, custard, milk, lean meat, fish, eggs, tofu skin, etc.。  4, fatty foods, to meet the energy needs of the body: the fat intake but not too much, too much fat can cause excess fat, elevated blood lipids, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular sclerosis。  In addition, patients with liver disease to quit smoking and alcohol, must stay away from alcohol, alcohol increases the burden, but also likely to cause deterioration of liver function; eat less greasy, fried, pickled products, moldy food and contain artificial colors, artificial additives in food。