Half of voters would Yintelangpu elected awkward | Trump | US election | poll

  (Quinnipiac University) findings Sina Wall Street GMT Quinnipiac University 23 hearing released Tuesday showed that half of US voters have said that if Republicans currently support for leading Trump selected President of the US, they will feel "embarrassed", will become President of the United States as the real estate mogul and "proud" of less than a quarter。   The controversy-ridden candidates flagrant disregard of the rules of political parties, campaign style unprecedented in the Republican camp, 28% of the vote continues to outpace all other competitors, and now from the Iowa caucus early round of voting, only six weeks。   The survey also found that those who came to represent Trump will make them feel "embarrassed" of the people, in terms of gender, age and political philosophy are worthy of study places。
For example, among voters who hold this view, female to male ratio was 6 to 4。
  Among 18-34-year-old voters, 73% of this will be felt "embarrassed" and only 13% would be "proud"。   47% of independents voters would "embarrassment", while 44 percent of Republican voters would be "proud"。   In contrast, because of the election of Hillary Clinton "awkward" man-made 35%, while 33% would be "proud"。   The survey also found that, in a mock election among the country currently not only Hillary, Sanders also able to overcome Trump。 Interestingly, Clinton will win seven points, while Sanders was behind Hillary can win the billionaire 13 points。
  In the fight for the Republican nomination, Cruz in the polls to 24% in hot pursuit Trump, this is his highest approval ratings so far。
A series of recent polls have shown that, in Iowa, along with the conservative Christian leaders began gathering in Cruz side, his momentum will be boosted。
  Malloy (TimMalloy) Quinnipiac University, said in a statement: "half of American voters have said that if let Trump to become President of the United States, they will feel embarrassed。
Most Americans think he has little chance, but he is still there, and still leading in the Republican camp。 "" Hillary could overtake him, Sanders was able to defeat him, and now Cruz also to copy his posterior。 Half of Americans feel him as a president who will make their own embarrassment, it may succeed?Error rate "This survey is December 16 to 20, carried out the positive and negative points。