Often riding a bicycle cycling leg will thicken it correct posture

Often it will be thicker legs riding a bicycle is a common means of transport, so often cycling leg will thicken it, riding a bike together and do any harm to look at small series 6681 regular bike leg will introduce you thicken it!Often it will be thicker leg cycling bicycle exercise effect produced depends on the way the sub-pedaling。
Generally, in Li a bike, and can contribute to energy expenditure fat metabolism, helps reduce body fat, reduce subcutaneous fat。
For women, especially the pear-shaped body of the female thigh easy accumulation of fat, subcutaneous fat thicker parts。 The purpose of aerobic exercise can promote body fat metabolism, so as to reduce subcutaneous fat legs。
Also in the bicycle speed and resistance are moderate conditions, such as moderate speed, in the ground A, about 20 minutes longer sub-genus riding, moderate aerobic exercise intensity, fat consumption in favor。
However, when the treadmill too quickly, the body will give priority to consumption of sugar, little effect on fat metabolism, especially when the speed is too fast, people often insist on not long, not meet the requirements burn fat。 In addition, if the resistance is too large riding, such as when riding uphill, greater stimulation of thigh muscle, the muscle fibers will produce the effect of thickening。
Bicycle Exercise in this way, although subcutaneous fat will be reduced, but the leg muscles of dimensions increase, but will have the effect of thickening thigh。
Cycling correct posture 1, cushion angle adjustment bicycle bike leg will often thicken it first before adjusting the easiest cushion angle。
Cushion angle substantially to maintain the level of visually may not be accurate, it is possible to acquire a foot in length on a cushion, and then visually eye, so much easier。 After riding a car some people often complain crotch pain, this may be the tip of the pressure cushion is too big way. You can tweak the nose of the cushion a bit down, this can reduce the pressure on the crotch part, especially It is up the hill,。 On the contrary, some people are not very used to ride uphill, then it is best to cushion the nose up a little Yang a few degrees, while the lower seat tube height, raise the body on the cushion so doing help downhill flexibility。 2, adjusting the height of the bicycle seat when the seat is set to the height of the seat cushion most taboo pull too high, so that the height of the seat cushion will make the knee straight and when depressed, very dangerous!Then if also let the knee straight, not only will stampede there, "Dayton point", affecting the continuity of the stampede, but it hurts knee and leg ligament。 Although there will be a pedaling power "straight shot" illusion, as if to this position in order to step out, but it is not true, either pulled back or knee cushion muscle very easily at this moment (knee hit straight) wear injured。 So be sure to remember!Remember not to let the rider pedaling knees straight fight。