Uber US drone killed by a car crossing a police woman: wrong may not be uber

  Uber driverless car China Daily March 20 electrical Tempe, Arizona, USA occurrence of a traffic accident killed a woman crossing the road, the police preliminary judgment, may not be the fault of Uber。 According to foreign media reports, the woman did not cross the road at a predetermined position discredit。
  "New York Times" said that this is the unmanned vehicle causing the accident on public roads for the first time ever happen。 After the incident, Uber declared an indefinite moratorium on testing driverless cars in some US and Canadian cities。   Uber said it would assist the police investigation into the incident。
Uber's CEO 达拉科斯罗 Sasi condolences to the families of the victims。
  Secretary Tempe police Moyle pointed out that the accident Uber unmanned vehicle is equipped with two camera lens at least one facing the street and one facing the car。 He stressed that from the movie to see the woman from the shadows suddenly went on the road, regardless of any driving mode is difficult to avoid the collision, so the initial impression that the accident uber may not be wrong。
  Although Moyle said initial impression Uber probably true in a car accident, but still not ruled out the possibility of bringing an unmanned vehicle operator。
Currently, Tempe police investigators are working with the National Transportation Safety Board and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating the cause of the accident。