House Speaker Australian "charter" scandal intensified | Australia | charter | scandal

  China news agency, Sydney, August 1 (Reporter Lai Hailong) – House Speaker Australian Bishop of public funds for the charter had to apologize last year, especially in the ears of reverberation。
August 1, Australian opposition leader Shotton also for other public funds with charter incident, denounced the Bishop evolution "charter gate" scandal to a new level。
  10 days ago, local media broke the news that House Speaker Australian Bronwyn Bishop to participate in activities organized by the Liberal Party, it has spent A $ 5227 of public funds to rent a private helicopter from Melbourne to Geelong 80 km away。
  According to reports, Bishop exit fees due to the public over the past six months, up to $ 130,000。
In October last year, she had spent A $ Wan of the European Parliamentary Union conducted a two-week trip with two colleagues。
In this regard, even the Liberal Party Members are said to be accountability。
At the same time, she was also in doubt by the name of inspection junket。   A few days ago, Bishop has been discovered had used public funds to attend the wedding of two Liberal Party colleague。   1, 2009, Bishop was again exposed by the media, she said she had also spent a year at the luxury business jet pack more than 6,000 Australian dollars, to two and a half hour's drive from Sydney Nowra attend a Liberal Party fund-raising activities。
  In this regard, Shotton severe that if the Bishop because of a personal relationship and repeatedly hire a particular company vehicles with public funds, it would be a very serious incident with nature。
Prime Minister Abbott can no longer turn a blind eye show the Australian public accountability。   July 30, Bishop 2GB formal public apology in Sydney radio station, despite insisting that actions are consistent with standards, but will repay the fees and fines paid 25%。
However, the Bishop also said that political pressure will not resign。 "I will not resign, but will work harder to ensure that the practice I apologize to the Australian people, no matter how others do, I really should not use public funds to hire a helicopter。
"Bishop says。
  For new charges, Bishop Office spokesman declined to comment。
Given office issued a brief statement said the incident is being reviewed by the Finance department, is not appropriate to comment。
  1, a media interview, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, asked whether the endless scandals causing distress to the government, the same is the ruling Liberals and surname Bishop of female foreign minister, said: "Indeed it is very difficult, if you also named Bishop of words。 "(Finish)。