Focused stare, Hongxiutianxiang

Always believed that a crowd of just gazing, I would tread the mountains wading, after thousands of Baidu, I pour with the text edge, total volume warm, even scattered into the dust, I also deep in cloud water, silent watch, those bloom time。  ——Inscription snow Chen, turned into a little bit of ice, falling into the palm of the tender; Things in China, walk through thousands of poetic, merged into the text stream。Looking back quietly, encounter with the text, it is the most beautiful love of my life。The Allure due to the warm, text edge, Mouli is my deepest heart mark, in the Red sea, engraved with a floral page。  Four Seasons circulation, the cycle of change, even I did not promise to the vast world of the dust has settled, the pace has temporary winter to earth。Cold season, I could not help thinking to see the beginning of a scene。I do not know since when, my dream is to read in your shadow, because this encounter is so beautiful。  That year, my beautiful Shaoguang, you harps is young, lotus Ningmu, an Allure。  That year, I cook cooking culture word, sentence you to read poetry, keep each other warm, drunk fleeting。  That year, my affectionate with promise, you promise on Chaomu, Sansei stone, a love of the days of famine。  Looking back on this because the text and meet the edge, your tenderness is still warm my heart the deepest。Often think, if there is no text, we may not be met, the so-called past lives is nothing but a dream unfulfilled, and no friend of this amazing time, you still your passionate son, I'm just my lotus woman, maybe wait until the landscape are seen through, Zaixun a friend, co-mountebank。  Light pen quiet book, but also outlines how not look old; thoughts into mourning, but also how not to call back in the dust Jin Xiang。Is the day you are, the dreams that I read in the consider; you are the dream, the wind is hard to let go of my poem。Even if you are on the other side, I am on this side, also in the wind silently put you deep in the heart, an idea, madness。  Listening to a masterpiece Saraswati, twist some days of yore, Zen tea blindly, purer Enron。You see, how many men of letters dreaming of the south, at the moment is at hand。Drizzle, wet feeling is surging, also wet my heart, a man of the south, leaving only the lonely figure。A little smoke condensate, Banzhan warm incense, Red this life without you Ho Huan?  This life, you are in the horizon, I was in Cape across pairs, but in the end can not be known in the arena, and perhaps fate, and perhaps an act of God, only Su Jian Xinyu, was wound into a roll, you must pass through the spread roadside, not meet with you, just as silly in that vein, Wang Jun pity。  This world, you and I like Bana, you leaf, I was spent, thousand flowers, Yela thousand years, no longer meet。Lethe both sides, Man Chu Sha Hua Zhengsheng, may have one, it is my roots?To find you, I came across the cycle, III about, even if it would not cover the affectionate embrace of the moment!  I know, you are my dream, you know, my dream is you。Had several sunset, I hope you are way out in the horizon, but that did heartbroken, holes punched haggard, sad heart children, Du Yi Lau, monopoly sea end of heaven。  Dream bloom and bloom, unknowingly winter。Miss heart has not frozen, sometimes water, sometimes like waves, flowing through the Chunhua Qiushi, washed away downtown Vientiane, spare around the mean gentle, equanimity。Since then, Flow three thousand, just take a spoonful drink。  I never thought, word so beautiful, beautiful people drunk。Because of the text, I met you, met you, I fell in love with writing, because, there are words you。This winter, let you live in my words, mutual heating。You are, I would safely。  Text, let us meet; to understand, let us Xiangxi。And you work through the years, has been engraved in my heart, can not touch can not be divided, he said something that hurt, pain is a pull。Spring and autumn, only Ren Qisheng long, but I only remember the first flowers of the sweet; Yunjuanyunshu, only Renqi Fei Yang, and I cherish from now you give tranquil。They begin, is warm。  Staring attracted to the text of the heating time, consonance edge of the Heart, soul music ink rhyme is your dream in my heart soar place, if Love is young, meet again next life, I'm still for you Hongxiutianxiang。