Global insurance prices are falling the only high security Xinhua discovered "15 even the sun."

Since April so far, the market has been flooded adjusted rise in the first quarter, the stock index has been in line or even red to green。However, despite the downturn in market sentiment, but stocks have beautiful out of the independent market。  The most notable is (601 336), since April 19 in a row out of the "15 with Yang", has become one of the highlights of the market。(601318) also continued to rise, and the stock price hit a new high since the July 2015。  Every time there was investment Bao noted that, for the insurance sector, securities firms and other institutions since a quarter remains positive, even proposed brokerage, insurance stocks are awakening after the silence。  Since insurance stocks AH double up into the mid-2017, down 1.64%, down 4.13%, the number is down by 9.72%。  However, large-cap stocks compared to the insurance market has a lot of good performance。So far this year, (601628) has risen by 12.49%, it has risen by 12.45%, has risen by 11.42%。  May 10, in the main stock index fell 0.Under the background of 9%, the largest increase in insurance sector。Which China Ping An, (600,291) and (000,627) rose more than 4%, respectively, 4.87%, 4.26% and 4.twenty three%。  In addition, each investment by Bao also noted that not only excellent insurance stocks in the A share market, domestic insurance stocks also performed well in the Hong Kong stock market。  So far this year the rally is very good, up 13.7%。The domestic insurance stocks even better performance, (00966, HK) so far this year rose by 23%, (02628, HK) so far this year rose by 19.8%, China Ping An has surged 17 year.27%。  + Brokerage optimistic about the development associated with the insurance industry, insurance companies listed natural increase revenue。  Dongguan Securities would have said that in mid-2017 a quarter of insurance companies continued good underwriting conditions, net profit growth rate higher than the same period last year, net assets generally positive growth over the ring。A beautiful insurance business performance, risk of new single high-growth stimulating life insurance premium income to maintain high growth, high value of new business growth。Asset investment grew rapidly in mid-2017, the investment rate of return is expected to remain stable throughout the year。  But also believes in the value of listed insurance firms currently depression, buying insurance stocks currently belong to a window, it is recommended to buy。In addition, the broker said: "China Ping An integrated financial platform for the rapid development of financial development to provide assistance to enhance the valuation of China's Ping An, China's Ping An to spread dependence and less flexibility。And NCI as pure life insurance, up more benefit, but China and Xinhua Life Insurance business is in transition。Has completed a business transformation, business more robust。"In addition to brokerage agencies promising, the influx of funds are insurance stocks。As at the end of 2016, Hong Kong held by the China Ping An A shares 2.2.1 billion shares, and by May 9, the float rises to three.1.4 billion shares。  Thousands of Shanghai wave Asset Management researcher Zeng Qi expressed by each investment treasure: "Insurance industry in mid-2017 to maintain the rapid growth in the first quarter results exceeded expectations。Under the market-oriented reform transformation of the insurance industry, demand-driven premium national sustainable development。The insurance industry, the rapid growth of new business, service quality continued to improve, steady growth into the embedded value。Traditional large listed insurance firms operating sound, adequate solvency, highlight the competitive advantage of lower-than-expected in the context of regulatory intensity。The recent poor performance of the market under the influence of lack of confidence, a combination of factors such as surface tension of funds, and solid fundamentals, the value of the rapid growth of the insurance companies in this market environment can be outstanding。"(Original title: world are rising insurance prices fell the only NCI discovered '15 with Yang ') (Editor: DF319)