Huawei steady shift of the Board: Director Liang Hua Ren Zhengfei remain in place as chairman Sun Yafang

No stormy seas in the imagination, has drawn attention to a new round of Huawei released the results of the general board of directors in March 23。  The new chairman has served as Chief Financial Officer Liang Hua, former chairman Sun Yafang retiring。Huawei's new chairman, Liang Hua was born in mid-1964, he graduated from Wuhan University of Automobile Manufacturers, Ph.D.。Joined Huawei in 1995, served as president of supply chain, the company's CFO, president of processes and IT Management, Global Technology Services, president, chief supply officer, audit committee chairman and other duties。  The biggest change is the re-election, no longer serve as vice chairman Ren Zhengfei, become a member of the Board of Directors。Huawei CFO, Ren's daughter Meng late boat then was promoted to Vice Chairman。  The new vice chairman of the Board of Directors elect four members from the previous Guo Ping, Xu Zhijun, Ken Hu, Ren becomes Guo Ping, Xu Zhijun, Mr Hu and Meng late boat。Huawei Meng late boat as Chief Financial Officer, at the last Board of Directors as Managing Director。  Election of three Managing Directors: Ding Yun, Yu Chengdong, Wang Tao。Among them, Ding Yun, Wang Tao, Yu Chengdong, former member of the Board raised its managing director, president of products and solutions is the first time the board。  Election of 17 members of the board of directors, members include Liang Hua, Guo Ping, Xu Zhijun, Ken Hu, Meng Wanzhou, Ding Yun, Yu Chengdong, Wang Tao, Mr Xu, Chen Lifang, Peng Zhongyang, He Tingbo, Liying Tao, Ren, Yao Fuhai, Tao Jingwen, Yan force Big。  New Board of Directors will continue the collective leadership model, but the methods of operation have changed, that is rotating CEO system is no longer functioning, and instead the rotating chairman of the board system。  Vice Chairman Guo Ping, Xu Zhijun, HuHouKun as the company's rotating chairman。During the rotating chairman of the board when the value of the company's supreme leader, the leadership of the Board and Managing Board。Holds the rotating six-month tour of duty of the chairman, rotating the order has been routed to September 30, 2022。  Prior to Huawei internal and external spread all kinds of rumors about the election of the board of directors, most of the rumor is that Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei will retire, his son Ren Ping Huawei will join the core management。  The new Board of Directors election results show, Huawei in corporate governance still continued stability and balance style, the last Huawei Corporate Governance "iron triangle" of Guo Ping, Xu Zhijun, HuHouKun governance is still the core of the company "iron triangle", Ren Zhengfei also will still play a role in heart and soul of Huawei。  Nearly Huawei analysts to the "financial" reporter analysis, this round of Huawei board elections from the previous three rotating CEO Ren Zhengfei helm + who are responsible for the financial management structure of matter, to extend the existing management structure, increase board members to 17, a department leaders have been incorporated into the larger chassis, more robust, better reflect the collective leadership model。  Financial background of Huawei executives increase in the proportion of new management is another important information。Liang Hua, chairman of the new company has served as CFO, Vice Chairman Guo Ping's rotating director of Financial and Economic Committee, Zhou Meng late for the company CFO。  CFO control of all the company's financial and operational data, the company's operations very clear where the problem lies, let it prudent professional habits tend to sound decision-making, and therefore large companies often choose to serve as the company CEO CFO。  McKinsey survey shows that in the United Kingdom and the United States one in five who served as CEO CFO, while in other European countries and Asia, the proportion is also 5%?Between 10%。In China, Alibaba Group CEO Zhang Yong is also the CFO origin。  Founded in 1989, Huawei is one of China's most well-known technology companies, whose annual income has reached 600 billion yuan, more than BAT (Baidu, Ali, Tencent) and three of the latest "Fortune 500" ranked No. 83。  A number of different areas, different levels of Huawei who had the "financial" reporter said that no matter how to adjust the architecture, to keep this giant Huawei Technologies steady development in the next stage is the only core purpose able to reach a consensus。  Ren Zhengfei in internal speech November 13, 2017 in has said that Huawei is the future of both the rule and the partition of distributed management system, a "horizontal division of powers, vertical authorized" power structure。Inter-agency relations ruling system is the separation of powers between the ruling system and the system partition is authorized and regulatory relations。Legislative power is higher than the executive power。  In this talk, Ren stressed that the Group Board of Directors is the governing authority of Congress by the shareholding employees authorized by the company's top leadership committee, on behalf of the group; The following is a consumer business management committee, ICT infrastructure business management platform Coordination Committee and the Management Committee。Pan-consumer and network operations management committee has some partition of power; platform support group coordinated management committee of the ruling powers to coordinate, advocate and undertake the required down from the board of directors, details of work to do to penetrate, to form a common platform for the company's。  He stressed that the board of directors of the central management and control must be strong, to regulate different business platform through the rule of divide and conquer, or are likely to become a mere figurehead。