Jinxiu Gu Lenovo

The spacious sitting tourism Barry, feeling“Leapt verdant four hundred spin”Realm; standing on the street Guling this mountain town, watching the wanton wild roses。A few years ago the early summer, to participate in Provincial Party School training course go out to visit, during a visit to Jinggangshan, Nanchang and Shaoshan“Eighty-one”After Uprising Memorial, we finally came to Lushan。  Into stayed a cliff and built according to the mountain hotel, looking out the window to reach the branches of green leaves caught in a crevice, my mind never stopped always recall "Romance on Lushan Mountain" and other works of contemporary plot screen。Its purpose is to preconceptions through self-regulation, such as crowding out“Lushan Conference”And so easy to make the mood became heavy political factors, and then traveled to a natural style Baoyun full of human feelings in Lushan, trying to make this the last stop of the tour easier and romantic。  God seems to understand our mind, the next day's tour, met the morning fog Lushan, Lushan morning is the rain, in the afternoon, then turned into a sunny Lushan。Flower diameter tour, view Wulaofeng, tours Sandiequan, see villas, one day, we enjoy the ever-changing landscape of Lushan。In particular Jinxiu Gu, he left me with a feeling of strange thoughts distant tour experience。  Jinxiu Gu was a flat-bottomed beauty steep valley, about 1.5 km。Tourist attractions, where according to legend the Eastern Jin Dynasty monk Hui Yuan at the pick flowers and herbs, because green mountains, four seasons flowers, purple Zade, bright, such as weaving, so called Jinxiu Gu。Song writer Wang is a poem dedicated to describing Jinxiu Gu:“That smile is also home to an aromatic morning, good and famous masters。Five lakes high spirits to the encounter, the nearby Jinxiu Gu in the spring。”  It is because of this historical and cultural foreshadowing the story, Jinxiu Valley in mid-1980, although it opened a new attraction, but it soon became hikers and pupae to place。Tracing its causes, this beautiful valley, this will not only make the mountain is shrouded mountains era political situation adding to the ease of historical and cultural meaning children, but also makes it look magnificent in the mountains at the same time, but also with a dash of intrinsic the tension and aesthetic brilliant。  I look for Jinxiu Gu, in addition to the above reasons, more important is the contemporary writer Wang Anyi had published a novel, "Jinxiu Valley of Love"。  "Jinxiu Valley of Love," published in 1987。Works depict female editor of a standing annual session, to Lushan participate in the pen, the writer's encounter with a period of emotional experience。The author captures the life of a subtle and pervasive phenomenon: because of the boring married life growing tired of the affair became naturally feel refreshed often vulgar mentality motivation, but limited by the realities of the code of ethics, most of the parties is immune to new channels of courage, we will still abide by the rules of the game type to settle down in marriage and family among the existing。  See the hero reluctantly platonic love dream choice, we seem to understand the writer attempts to explore the face of love and marriage issues: women in recovery time consciousness and independent personality, how to hold life“normal”Under the circumstances, calm and regulate the reality of marriage issued by the contradictions born of love。As of Wang Anyi“Three Loves”One ( "Love in a Small Town," "barren of Love", "Jinxiu Valley of Love"), "Jinxiu Valley of Love" show a new kind of highly writers at the time of marriage women love to explore reached。  Published in the mid-1986's "Love in a Small Town" is“Three Loves”The first article, which describes a non-love tragedy, under the control of the original instinctive desire, love can not see how much spiritual content; later published "barren of Love", is described in a story by sentimentalism, the the kind of raw lust“Love”, It began to gradually raised from the level of instinctive desire slowly toward spiritual quest。And to the "Jinxiu Valley of Love", the writer focuses on the psychological, philosophical, sensible and reasonable on multiple angles, the interchange to be contradictory perspective of love and marriage。Although she still can not find ready-made solutions to solve the problem, but it can cause readers to think more deeply realistic。  From Wang Anyi“Three Loves”We see again and again the impact of women's liberation in the expansion of self-desire to bring social ethics, enlightened woman hole in different stages of life, thinking about love, love, love experiences and characteristics of behavior。Especially when they once felt real love, she exhibited more exposed than men and unrestrained vitality。  "Love in a Small Town" in the“she was”, Due to the limitations of reality and self-awareness, instinctively cast as sensual love between men and women, after tasted the pleasure and pain, with the death of the heart, after all, impossible love initiation,“she was”He had lived alone with her two illegitimate children。Lane Valley Girl "barren of Love" in, when they found themselves“True love”When hesitate to embark“There is no morality, no sense of shame”Extreme road, when reality really irreconcilable contradiction, led their loved ones die for love embarked on the road, in essence, is the destruction of another form of love, because in spite of the rope can be tied together two people but with the disappearance of the body, the mind naturally ceased to exist。  With more than two different works, "Jinxiu Valley of Love" chose to freeze Memory of the way, it will arouse some female editor tenderness and vitality of love, containment firmly in mind characters。Since suppressed for too long in marriage, as to make up a spiritual hero to take the way of warmth in the memories stirred up to redeem their soul, feel the warmth through the lingering hard to explain, tangled and bitter to fill those hearts desire every corner of passion, in essence, in the heart caused by the rich, but also played a role in lifting the spirit。This rich and improved, so that love truly detached from mere lust, beyond time and space and a desire of men to achieve a comprehensive understanding of fusion or。  It is this type of self-tangled memories, maid edit real life is full of strange feelings, and then to make love to maintain in their hearts yearning for a better。So, even though she felt bored and depressed reality of marriage, but neither as "Love in a Small Town" in the“she was”Like love despair, nor as "barren Love" in the Valley Lane girl as to abandon all the way for Love。Of course, the hero always entangled in contradictions, struggling, she still did not get rid of irritable marriage and the feeling of boredom。She finally able to grab hold of, but also just met the edge of that period Jinxiu Valley of Love, though often in retrospect like a dream, back to reality and full of bitterness, can in any case, this dream is always present within their hearts, what matters to busy, to be able to finish the。  Issues raised very real writer。Works also impossible to draw a clear answer, it's just artistic life will be a subject placed in front of the reader, and then remind people must face: love romantic fantasy and reality trivial marriage is essentially antithetical。How can we change that marriage is a“siege”Reality, and then to make love fresh by way of self-worth?This is a major issue left to the reader's life's work。  With this issue, we, in the direction of Fairy Cave of stairs from the bridge started slowly walking tour of the area Jinxiu Gu, while thinking side to watch。He looked at the lush valleys, steep cliff craggy rocks but green everywhere, the sky filled clouds overhead but spectacular nature demonstrated the unity of opposites scene, prompting people involuntarily into the past life of Man wonderful memories, then guide people into the infinite imagination of the future。  In short, with a "Jinxiu Valley of Love," the story of Jinxiu Valley of Lushan tour, you could not Chujingshengqing。Beautiful scenery in that ravine, bringing not only pleasing tourists, it can clean up the human mind, inspire people's state of mind。This scenario combined with the state of mind in order to make an unprecedented visit as close to life。  When going out Jinxiu Gu, I remembered that a few words at the end of the "Jinxiu Valley of Love":“I finished the story, but I can not be reconciled, as she also wanted to, perhaps, things are not so simple。……”  Writers explore only so far, but she is very well aware: do not be so simple。  Life itself is rich and complex, if you can easily find out once and for all solve the problem of the way of life, then what does that mean life?Let us take the contradictions of life, with the confusion of life, with a curious mind, continue to explore it in life!  Although you will not easily find the answer, but in the process of exploring, you can enjoy endless views; personal experience to the numerous, both will arouse your simple and gentle care, you also can arouse beautiful and romantic fantasy。Along with these, people will naturally maintain a sense of wonder, happiness, the mind becomes long distant, so that life becomes infinitely tension。