Caused University

Memory, like the autumn wind, somewhat comfortable, somewhat cool.Not wanted, I figure there’s a pile of student military training last year, this year the group has gathered a group of fresh faces.Always think we have much time, and then look back, but you can not back it up that day in that month.    Early in the morning, the East appeared in magnificent glow, track and field, a large group of children who “exercise”, stood background music “Little Apple”, everything seemed so funny.Night, moonlight, lights, pulsing with groups of laughing slapstick figure.Before falling asleep, lying also in the gun, we have some exciting school girl, excess energy, inspired the “madness” of interest.He kept talking, screaming.Sister agreed sigh, like to play with blood-like, it can not naughty?They wear camouflage uniforms looked, had remembered to wear camouflage uniforms growth transformation themselves, a high ignorant simple, freshman, thanks to those who left a sum in my life, those who have accompanied me, is because of the presence of these people, once I exist, I became me now.Cherish everyone around him, such as his own treasure.We will eventually break with the past.    Autumn wind, chilly, run fitness test, fell into the “dead”.Before the dance room high-intensity training, debilitating, who have multiple pain.I think the years always inadvertently, grinding our own.Compared concerns students, but I showed “eager”.At that moment, endured the pain, I can not wait to prove himself.There are still surprises harvest, 50 meters sprint 8.73 seconds, I’m more sure of myself: you have a lot of potential for mining, believe they will be very good.    Life is “Life”, was born, to live.After the dance training plus a fitness test, neck pain, thigh pain intolerable, even pretending nothing had happened, still could not conceal his “lame” walking gentile, precisely because of your lack of exercise, resulting in muscle fatigue, so do not expose fragile heart, everything should learn to play the bear; day after day, when small meal card balances, very cruel to inform you that you need to live on, do not tell easily embarrassed life, learn to face disorderly reality; three-point line daily shuttle in the classroom, cafeteria, dormitories, school industrious bees, busy, Do not waste time every day, because it is the first day of the rest of your life; you will be setbacks, do wrong thing will lose the opportunity, do not easily give in to life, it makes you cry, you have to let yourself laugh while adhering.I can not anticipate the future, just know, walk on, holding a belief, a good life.Monotonous life looking for scenery, you will gain better; the pursuit of simple life in the complex, you will gain ideas; bitter taste touched in life, you will reap happiness.Life, people experience, people grow, people cherish!    Girl in the best years, your college dream worth chasing.After a number of years, perhaps we are no longer young.When we sat in a rocking chair in old age, look back to youth that they have gone before, and neither is the simple life and regret, not as monotonous days and regret.Because a woman most beautiful, the best of those years, we are proud and happy to go on the road studying.    Famous British mountaineer George Mallory face of questions “Why mountaineering?”His answer was simple,” because the mountain where!”Because of the unknown, so I went to college.Struggling to acquire knowledge, a step by step, you will make a big difference in life then.A girl’s dream school, then we have a dream, about knowledge, about the pursuit of.Shuttle in a variety of classroom, it was a dream call.    Finally, give people a time when university quarter children – “full of laughter in the tree-lined trail, I watched a group of young people in their prime, the sun shines on everyone’s body, a picture of youthful face, I into them and appreciate all the poetry and dreams of life.”