Fang Huang

Friends complained, I could not help but turn his diaries Fang Huang once, but fortunately I now have a long break from the inside out.    I’m not beautiful singing voice, there is no graceful dance, and even the little drawing inspiration also to disappear without it anyway.    Life is like 1 + 1 = 2 so simple, but to prove that 1 + 1 = 2 so difficult.My God seems to have fixed the color ——– gray, no glory, no melody to the gray, gray silence of sorrow, a person should not belong to any color.    If I have a Ma Liang God pen, I most wanted to be a writer, let me vulgar ordinary language can be sublimated, it will help me revise words, help me get spiritual sustenance, let my mind as wide as the sea, any when the most sober of mind, the best state of mind to deal with problems.    Home, a place not to reason, but to speak the local love.    Real people, how many people know this, in the eyes and hearts of color like a truck, perhaps, we had reservations, not on the home pour all the love, and some people say that to a child, not to become single-parent families, so continue TV drama no longer have feelings of marriage, and in fact, every day endless bickering, this family atmosphere for each family member brings depression, is an indelible shadow.I ask, can you love a little more, but great, not everyone can do it, yes, how much fragile soul seeking consolation, the Divine Savior ah!where are you?So, pessimism, despair hangs over every day, and some people fall, low self-esteem, and even suicide, terrifying world ah!Only powerless tears.    Nu Wa made man, a blind person is the beginning, do not complain about your pay him blind.Selfless dedication of your love, God has given everyone’s responsibility.Man’s nature is good.His leisurely, over time, no sadness, do yourself, you will not be alone.    I do not have a song to sing?I want to master the remote control, remote control is not other people, but to control ourselves, we have to live like a child, quickly forget the unhappy things, always have fresh air, good mood waiting for you.    I do not sympathize with someone else’s, not someone else’s mercy, want is a sincere heart, a heart with laughter with mutual assistance.    Man, half angel, half devil.Those who believe, and those sincere believers, while at home, furiously days, praying, pray for God’s forgiveness, always thought that the next person is on the body of the devil, but I do not know the devil himself would have set up base.    People, always so contradictory, short life flashed by, always before dying suddenly realized, only to find more of his own wrong, be brutally realistic and will not stop.    It turned out that we are all mortal curse trained, are in Aomi a millet, suddenly a meteor across, does not change any color, not take a cloud.    Any test read destiny, any time tease.I can not manipulate others, but can change themselves and face their families, to put aside all dignity, equality, and more empathy, to reflect on their own and actively carry out every day’s homework, learn addition, subtraction.    As long as you’re alive, you do not give up your God-given every minute, because only a handful of days, not indefinitely.One day, you are really tired, you will get a holiday, I hope everyone can easily cherish pleasant mood to greet the arrival of happily.    In fact, everyone has their own different troubles, but all rely on themselves to come out, be sure to love their own, give yourself confidence, you will see another piece of day, this is not in the hands of anyone but themselves.    We can not rely on a personal spiritual support, if so, we would hurt very deeply, there will be no long-term peace of mind happy, only on their own, each person is unique in the world, I believe that he is good, this self-confidence Very important.    We need to find their own goals in life, and understand the true meaning of life.I always think of my best students quiet, she was a child a gift in my junior high school graduation message words: fish fossil, alive will be competitive, when death has not yet come, will play a clean energy.I did not understand, and now look at her doll character who is really mature, but I was too stupid.She is the most I’ve ever seen “smooth” is also the most lovely girl.    Now every night still dream, but the reality is I ask myself: now I have the ability to dream of it?Sometimes negative, I thought I lived in vain, as if now has a lifetime, but then I saw a video, a ancients began to study medicine at the age of 30, and later became a famous doctor, I believe that as long as I stick to my dream, must be right addition.I have nowhere to go, maybe I will not ring true to life experience, in order to give me a better show.    Look, Ma, Zong, Liu Chuanzhi, who after 40 years of age are not successful, still young, and now is the future for the accumulation, but sometimes life does not seek sensation, just sense, step by step.    Outsiders say I’m a good character, but I do not know myself when I’m alone just like her sister, heart disease but really almost want to be my life to go, maybe they praise because I do not understand fully, my only other side were also discovered close, in fact, my character is not good, the rule can be only eight words “not pleased, not to have been sad.”.    Only you learn to enjoy the ups and downs of life, only to find the original life is so happy.Thanksgiving Creator.