Polish Senate passed the bill alleged massacre curb freedom of speech

  [World Wide Web reports reporter Zhu Mengying] February 1, according to Agence France-Presse reported that the Polish House of Representatives the same day by the motion of the Holocaust, aimed at defending the country's external image。 And this bill has long been a diplomatic controversy in Israel。   It reported that the morning local time, the Polish Senate by 57 votes in favor, 23 votes against the vote and two abstentions, adopted the controversial bill。
The draft stipulates that the Polish government called for any concentration camp in Poland will be located in the occupied territory of the German concentration camp in Poland, Germany and Poland and condemn any acts of complicity of the Third Reich under Hitler's rule will be punished by a fine or up to three years imprisonment。   Earlier, Israel had expressed fierce opposition to this bill, and the bill requires the abolition Poland。 Reported that the bill one of the actions involved in trying to deny Poland by Nazi Germany Holocaust provisions。
Israel is also concerned that the bill would curb freedom of speech。
  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday: We will not tolerate distorting the truth, rewriting history or Holocaust denial。
  Poland before the vote on the motion, US State Department spokesman Heather·Na Wute (HeatherNauert) expressed fear that the bill could harm freedom of speech and the right to academic discourse。
She added: We are also worried about the impact of this bill on the Polish strategic interests and relationships that may arise。   From the commencement of the motion and 21 days needed in order to become the President of Poland signed the bill Duda。   Agence France-Presse reported that, in theory, I oppose this bill Duda。
But he Monday (January 29) said: We must not flinch, we have the right to defend the historical truth。
He added that violence and the very negative reaction of Israel that he was shocked。

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