Cotton Tree flowers open – Nature Notes

– Nature Notes Cotton Tree tree, commonly known as kapok tree, our Guangzhou city flower.Mr. Ye Lingfeng home article in an article in the history of its ancient name of cloud-designate flower.I turned at hand, “Materia Medica”, its comments have not seen, nor even kapok entry, this is probably an oversight Mr. Li.    According to my observation, most of the adult kapok tree to tree above the left and right of o-.Not long ago also saw newspaper photos uploaded this one – a tree out of the wall to the Cotton Tree.However, for such a tree can actually be called a hero tree, I always feel lack of circumstantial evidence.Of course, that if the vigorous trunk touches the dragon, on the tip of the trunk also is flat spines, feels natural is difficult to handle, but not embrace.Thus it is probably the world as a hero tree, right.In this regard, my son a reason to find some meaning out of the experience in this respect, namely red cotton may also be dyed by the blood of the martyrs.    In the flower world, the Cotton Tree flowers are very exclusive features: the solitary, large-shaped, red, leathery sepals, five petals, stamens many even five percent beam.A red cotton, single flower show is not only a hero, in spite of single flowers are some lovely old Yan.Red cotton, the plants down quite lit, the fire tree safflower heroism (which might just be the reason the tree is called a hero).Many branches, both concise and straightforward, lifts her round and round a fire, burning in the southern spring breeze.This seems very fiery passion of a poet.According to the test red cotton is also very similar to the southern countryside magnolia flower.Magnolia commonly known as wood pen, poet Guo how to make use of the pseudonym, it seems reasonable in the matter is the genus.    West River is the most multi-kapok, coral ten million Gaan Ke, deemed candle Long Street ten days, according to people half days Yuyan flushed.    - Qu Dajun extraordinary kapok tree, I think that is also reflected in the relationship between flowers and leaves.As the saying goes: “safflower always green leaves.”Kapok tree is a deciduous tree, but can not wait for new leaves on fire ek tree red flowers.Ilex flames if green leaves, also will be old in the remaining twelve Neilingding red and yellow ocher mottled old leaves.Old leaves still palmate compound leaves, alternate, it is truly engaging.  This year’s winter and spring, I made of kapok tree in the garden had some observers, such records in his diary: standing in the kapok tree, above the treetops sparse, or a month and a round moon, bright in vain , just like a sky splashed with mercury.Many leaves, not yet fall, these leaves more than a few days ago seemed to shrink a lot.These feelings, it is probably due to the sparse thin leaves.    When the diary Department is December 28, not yet flowering kapok tree.    Kapok seed behind.Sub-cooked, son fall.You slowly peel, visible within reason like cotton seed catkins like a silk-like fibers, this should be called kapok, right.Cotton wood have their own characteristics: Although not spinning, but the pressure, difficult to be soaked in water, so people use it as a practice within life preserver or pillow core.My family also had a kapok pillow, containing poignant story twists and turns, but unfortunately wife unsolved, the process of trying to shift.    Since last winter continued warm, dry, climate anomalies.Our campus kapok tree, then across the front of a building adjacent to the New Year already in bloom, but another one after the Spring Festival twenties genius with flowers.After more than a newspaper Yangcheng kapok tree flowering tree blossoms and has new leaves, new flowers are still ongoing reports.This is an abnormal phenomenon.In this regard, botanist stand up and say this is the kapok under abnormal weather conditions, due to the “vegetative growth” excessive, become “premature” the.    Hero tree, has also been the face of abnormal climate, ecological degradation suffered trauma.    Heroes of flowers can be medicine, anti-inflammatory to the swelling can.Cantonese like to spend a hero after dried soup with pig spine, according to Chinese medicine’s view can be wet, but, it can not treat ecological trauma.Cotton Tree flowers opened, but who can not hold, but also thanks.  ”Crash!”Hero took a fall to the ground.Think about it, this is not the traditional time fell to the ground.Postscript: This essay show me some light shallow observation and reflection on Cotton Tree tree is thin and shallow creek-like thinking.  It is spring, rainy south, surprisingly cold.I believe the near Cotton Tree Drive South is about to leave, we should fire the.  2012,3,29 time in Zhuhai