December Imagination

Time flies, unknowingly, December has been quietly sounded the end of the bell.The more intense the color of winter, trees on the hills wore a silver dress, bright moonlight, who is waiting for the blessing.This appreciation, lamented in his heart had somehow Adams Xu, is there a happy quietly arrival, Wenai the past?That only go back in time to find happiness once, this is the most valuable inventory this month, let go of those unhappy unhappy it, the new year is coming, Imagine what also look forward to it, just a happy melody among those old songs, happiness in the moment to lay down, as if to better understand life, understand life, the real one.    In December too, rings and go to the next track, the pace of life is accelerating, but people are still being entangled some of the chores, pulling live, seems to have been behind the pace of life.Because life is no longer a simple and repetitive, but every day new things into the blood, it will generate new ideas, dreams.When suddenly wake up in sleep, the re-look back to the past year, there are many little bits and pieces and pieces converging moved.Thanks to the warmth of this era, this spring thanks to a chance encounter love, confiding.Warm sunshine once again lure the passion of life, to happiness, joy, pace contain wonderful look forward to along the way, has entered a dream last December, saw the light emitted by the love of coaching in the winter sunshine life in the most primitive of the strings, who pipa playing youth face as I grow old?A year later, always careful care of themselves, care of the hard-won love.Often aftertaste, is like the cup of wine impoverished, like drunk with a curtain of fantasy nirvana dream.Walk in between dream and reality, time flows away more rapid pace, but also to reach out to touch the tender skin of the spring, it is so real.    Standing on the tail end of the year, really I want to have a pair of invisible wings let yourself fly.Fly childhood was holding in her hand a naive, innocent fly teenagers play have fantastic colors, flying the youth always want to break free of the shackles of the impulse response of youth in the years.In the occasion of the passage of time, in order to clearly understand the tremolo echo issued, or because the pace prematurely entered into reality, or prematurely exposed in front of the emotion of life, to make life more taste thick, gradually performing arts into the theme of life: daily necessities; gradually for families manage; gradually moving back and forth for the cause, he has gradually learned to play, but also learned to Thanksgiving; gradually learned to be concerned about other people concerned about others, less of promise complain, have become more calm.Perhaps it is the case live, to do when the locomotive rings period, the trajectory of life gradually clear and clear up, enhanced sense of direction, and is always ready to reach the next stop because the road of life is not all smooth blindly green light.    Really want to live as they wish, this is how the ideal of thinking.However, life is not only in the spring or autumn, alternating cycle of the seasons is a natural law, every season is not the same wonderful.I just can not take more than you like, you have your spring, I had my fall.You sow in the spring of hope, I harvest in autumn hi Discovery.Maybe you have to pay more than you, but I’m still blindly at some point want to have to worry about the entire season.    December should Imagination, look back.This is perhaps the best summary of the year thinking, we are also looking forward to next year and hope.