Do partridge

Then trouble famine, but could not say when his grandfather abandoned school, the more difficult times more to uphold.Good reading is a traditional village, so after opening the Mongolian grandfather began to teach me to read, “The Book of Songs” of the.Thus natural learning nature, such as learned “hand such as physique, skin as creamy, such as grub grub collar, such as teeth gourd rhino.”To see the Imperata spend physique; the larvae drill into Poplar grub grub like on a fun-filled.I think “Book of Songs” is “all generations forever delay,” the book, and later learned that it was “Wenxindiaolong” in the words. Vegetation, birds or doves in the deepest image, also known as Bo partridge.”Victoria birds have nests, ranking the dimension Dove.”Evolved idiom ‘dove over the magpie’s nest’, in fact, said that Shi dove, nothing to do with doves.Su said Wang ridicule, nine birds dove solution can be used as “Ming dove in Mulberry, his son Xi seven.”There dove Seven, plus two parents do not that nine?Seven doves will not yield, litter produced only two eggs, Shi is not only the magpie’s nest dove, also eggs in other bird’s nests.Therefore, the “Shi dove in Mulberry, his son in May, Shi dove in Mulberry, his son in spines, Shi dove in Mulberry, his son in hazel”.As long as the story of the turtle is, it does not seem grandfather did not know.His words certainly is good, because really only two doves nest egg, put them Taozou, doves would go down two, hatched ten seven or eight days if you have not hatched, it will then lay eggs weight hatch. At that time no concept of protected wild animals, neighbors shun the family has spent air gun, called “Do partridge gun,” I do not know why doves called “Do partridge”, thought it was “Bo partridge” of corruption.Every day taro, sweet potato as food, a few dozen doves Open Kaihun can also add nutrition, but do not say doves, sparrows seem even rarely appeared.One day my grandfather bought a very nice Spotted Dove from the market, because I wanted to test, “Book of Songs”, said: “The dove sigh Come, no food mulberry; female sigh Come, no delay with disabilities.”Turtledove what will not eat mulberry drunk?But not yet ripe mulberry, put wings and feathers tied, keep a few days in the yard to say. Leisure time, people converged large trees in the village of gossip, but also for people to clear up doubts, and even a little mean rural Jixia Academy.I also went to the doubts raised, why do not partridge known as turtledove?Let’s talk about someone Ouyang Xiu’s “Ming dove” poem: “The day will be overcast, Ming Ming Lin dove by women, women dove angry cry no good sound.Rain stops, dove call women owned Ming delighted, women do not go urgently call incessantly.Hate by it to its earlier call to the solid refuse Rationale….The birds laugh Ming dove, Seoul humble solid matchless.Not married housewife, married to a total of camp.Send scattered children fly the nest, a woman looks out of there.”Everybody says that doves nest simple and small, before the rain males will get rid of the female, a sunny and females should call back.So suddenly realized that the reason this is called “Do partridge,” the.Later Nalanxingde read the words: “Since the remarks Cuizhe, no shirt no tears; years of loving, why not have a dream.Finally cuckoo sings, frequent reminders do partridge, to win the middle of the night to cry. “.But someone immediately said it was Ouyang Xiu misunderstanding, because the Song Zhang Fu, “Wen wood pigeon partridge,” said the wood pigeon partridge of his wife wife: “For dark clouds Egami tree, corner first heard the wood pigeon partridge language.Xiaoxiao getting beat window for sound, I do not know who track nesting rain.Yuqing call women but with fly Information The heart of an inorganic material.How can it become more than human brotherhood, Xian Yuan vow not meet.”That is good, doves centerless machine, but also in pairs of doves flew where they will carefully observe the distance, once security is determined, rarely go to distant places, they will know in advance where concealed, such as doves observed over, peace of mind feeding time, only to shoot them!I sentence you to talk about the turtle dove, and she did not care after a lunch time, no wonder Confucius can listen to music while Shao do not know meat in March.Finally Dad said Shun Shun spend Huaniang had hiccups of the disease, do not know there is no cure remedies?Some people say, “Compendium of Materia Medica” turtledove useful in treatment of this illness.I do not believe, quickly recruited “Compendium of Materia Medica,” a check, actually prove that no lie. Far you can hear the sound of crowing yard dove, I was finally taken to the red, purple mulberry, and excitedly ran back and saw a pair of turtledoves also landed in the courtyard of my house.But hiding behind the pyre individuals are aiming a gun, so I did not sound good to stop bullets have been flying out!The man took her father is the sun, came closer, my Spotted Dove has been shot to death.Nongyan said: “turtledove called, to rain.”Especially twilight two spring and summer, in the farmhouse home, always hear the distant hazy wild doves came crowing sound deep and penetrating power strong, warm rain and fresh air , continuous “Bo cuckoo – cuckoo” in crows, seem so far have not dispersed in my ear.