Home saying goes: “three years of hard ducks official.”It was probably put the kid all day dealing with duck duck who doubts nothing, and gradually become slack as cubs duck, unrestrained, hard to win their hearts to learn, are really a man.Ancient saying “excellent learning Shi”, not to learn how to excellent?Moreover, since ancient times, is considered among the elite officer, yet people do not, how can an official?So it can only be a chicken duck groom groom Bale.In fact, these words mean to laugh with the poor.Not the children of the poor, how would go ducks, without reading?Unfortunately, I also was born in poor families, and therefore let go duck teenager.But not “full-time”, it is in the middle of reading a “proxy”, a holiday in the “episode”. Winter, ducks are big, put less than.If the dry rivers and ponds do not freeze, you can go put off, let them pick a swimmer dig snail, clams, catch fish catch.After freezing, not recapture a general, or will frostbite duck feet.So shut the bar, but put twice a day, “Wind”, feeding twice, or rice, or wheat float.In people living in difficult times, duck their standard of living will decline, and can only feed the yellow leaves, bran ball children.I’ve seen his father bran ball, the method is very simple, is to a certain amount of rice bran and water, with a molecular sieve bamboo plaque down for a while, a little bran ball to roll out.Such small bran playing ball with the kids glass ball about the size, easy to swallow ducks. Spring, snow and ice open, duck-known plumbing, hope slaughter, Tianma light on the endlessly quack.The door was open, all rushed out.A group of lively splash of life proudly fluttering toward Ponds scene is very moving.At this time, rivers and ponds in the number of live food can not dig, duck favorite is about the breath of spring, and spring water gently smooth it. Fall put the most effort duck, duck everywhere you can procure the delicious “dessert”.They can also be rushed to a rice field just cut too much, so they Gleaner children.People just sat on the ridge, watching clouds floating in the sky, the fish roam in clear water; for a long time, and then dug a little duck shovel mud, thrown too far off the group’s mischievous ghost, nothing can be done to. Ducks concentrate hard in the summer.At that time, when the ducklings ovo raw is not there, the body fuzz child, each only about half a kilo of weight, as a small boy of seven or eight, vitality is extremely strong, the most lively.Although it smattering of little “things”, but do not quite understand the rules, curious, defiant, rampage, swim fast in the water, almost too small run to catch up on the shore.Fear is the top summer planetarium baby face, that they please.Just the sun is hottest, the eye will look surging, lightning, heavy rain poured down.There is a group of elves live thrust rain child’s characteristics, saw rain, like a child excited about the New Year General.Numerous rain river labeled spray, if countless fish spit bubbles.Duck desperately chasing this Yuhua, a thousand times a thousand times to be cheated, still stubborn, tireless, courage, fight bamboo poles can not hit back.Duck is the groom wearing hats, but also early became a drowned rat, two stumbled, feet sliding Zi Zi slip, but also to catch up like ducks flying.Encountered River Inlet, only submerge mallard and over.This will not guarantee not to be left under.At this time, no past duck groom totally chic.Until thunderstorms cease to breath, wring clothes. Late summer is also a crisis.At this festival, there are a foot long rice high, less water the fields, very much a small frog, moths, grasshoppers, spiders and the like beasts.Elf accidentally let these people got into the paddy field was agitated.Mi Zaza a vast green face, you only vaguely heard once or twice, “Xiu Xiu”, called the day of not being called by anyone, called duck ignore.They will not take the initiative back to you.Deep in the rice fields, as well as Paul allowed weasel, otter cat, clown your life and dragged one or two early adopters.To such a pass, only to see how the ducks and duck groom usually the child’s relationships.Duck groom authority, have the tools, such as when they are about to eat, “smack Tour”, a long call loudly several times, they may continue to head out from the edge of the field where rice straw.Otherwise, the only other sky at dusk, they hold their own bag full of food, made anxious to find a way, Luanzuan in the fields in all directions, ditches, and other duck groom to invite them to gather together and go home. The result is a delightful duck.Sell drake able to recover hard-earned reward.Leaving the duck can lay eggs.Late autumn early winter season is a duck egg.Bar open in the morning every day, you can see the ground covered with straw, the vague white or green is small arc.Careful duck eggs will bury deep, the grass must turn in the end to pick up and clean.Dozens of ducks, ranging from picking up a wash rice basket, as many as half a bushel, put in the hands of joy is heavy.But famine time, but keep the ducks at home, who ducks and duck manure stench is really bad gas.However, over time into Baoyuzhisi long time and not smell the smell of.I remember once, brother school door and asked: “Where to fragrant rice crust?”A closer look, turned out to be the house of duck feces smell.