Emphasis on grass-roots can not stay in the mouth

In reality, some of the leading cadres like the “solid foundation, the earth was moving” talk about the General Assembly small will also likes to emphasize the importance of the grassroots, the grassroots should pay attention to the requirements.However, in practice there is often say one thing and do another, heart flutter in economic development, urban construction, the heart only concerned to engage in GDP, there is still insufficient to grassroots concerns, insufficient investment and other issues.If so stuck in the mouth of the importance not only would not achieve the effect of strengthening the building of grassroots, the grassroots people will be disappointed more.Therefore, the emphasis on the grassroots do not need to talk, it lies in action.    Establish emphasis on grassroots-oriented.Problem-oriented attitude and direction of the problem, only to establish the correct orientation, pay attention to the direction of grassroots action only.To strengthen the education of Party members and cadres “consolidate the foundation” of thought, let party members and cadres to effectively recognize grassroots work is the key to laying the foundation, the foundation is related to the cause of the party and the country, in conscious thought, establish importance of grassroots action oriented, increase investment in grassroots and tilt.In selecting and employing people should also reflect the importance of grass-roots oriented, grassroots equipped with the “crack” at the same time, the smooth promotion of grassroots cadres in circulation channels for the grass-roots cadres can dry out the results of the election came out, put up, to stimulate grassroots General business cadres passion.    Leading cadres take the lead grass-roots sink.In grassroots heart, often leading cadres at the grassroots level, often with the grassroots together be able to demonstrate the importance of grassroots.Leading cadres should take the lead in “physical and mental” into the grass roots, back to the masses, and the masses Mopai Gunda together, face to face to understand the demands and difficulties of the masses, listen to opinions and suggestions of the masses, so that the people feel the party members and cadres at the grassroots level, it is in the side, in order to reflect the importance of grassroots.    Efforts to do practical things for grassroots.Grassroots party members and cadres do not look at how many will open, spoke many words, recognize only the actual number of things to do.Emphasis on grass-roots begin from the “fine”, the plan to do, to seek methods to make decisions and do their work should give top priority to the interests of the grassroots, the grassroots convenience facilities continue to improve, to build grass-roots system service and support, innovative contact ways and means to serve the grassroots people, honest to solve the “basic necessities” income, health care and education for the grassroots,, reflect the importance of the little things from the grassroots to solve practical things for the masses continue to address the.    Thanks to high-rise buildings stable foundation, the foundation is the primary cause of the party and the country, only practical emphasis on grass-roots party members and cadres in thought, action, and truly grasp the grassroots, lay a solid foundation in order to promote the development of the cause of the party and the country.