Fall colors

The text color of autumn / incense hit book of life is colored, if the spring flowers in full bloom, colors.So the fall, all over the place full of fruit color, golden rice, covered with branches of persimmon, pomegranate red dress, there was a crisp jujube, and capsules full of corn, and a basket of peanut basket.They came to earth with joy, she exudes its own unique temperament, with their own color dress up our daily lives. Autumn, yellow ginkgo leaves, leaves the mountains and plains, and the old green also lonely.Red, yellow, green, and these different colors of leaves blowing in the wind, long in the mountain and landed on the ground, with the appearance of the world dress up. Fall colors, it is with a heavy color.Because the mature thing, usually so strong.With the growth process, the color gradually strong.No longer thin, every trace of color are with dignified emotion, did not the superficial. Our life is made by a combination of a variety of colors, joy, joy, sadness, crying, happiness, and lost, these colors all with their own unique charm, in our lives, draw a beautiful picture. Autumn come to life, more and more clear.Life can not pale, so carefully written love.All love with their related and unrelated.That love is colored, it is a warm color, with a calm and warm our. Four seasons like fall, fall like in the days of high air is crisp, the leaves yellow, red maple everywhere, geese trip. I always think that the color of autumn fruits and leaves, is the color of love.So intimate and harmonious, no dazzling and sparkling cut to the heart, there is no deep and negative desolation, which with some poetic, or carrying heavy or light colors, all the way with us. To the autumn of life, with more color.I learned to live for themselves, know how to love others, to understand the impermanence of life, but also learned to cherish the treasure, the end of the end. Sitting on autumn, full of safe. Autumn in life, know what they have, what they need to give to others what, give the community what.Each step of the sense of paying every minute, sit safely harvest.No longer frivolous, no longer acts recklessly.Decent, became the best. As this fall, it has a full fruit, but it rarely misbehave.It just face the world with warm, mild not play, there is a low-key light. Personal Micro Signal: 523 704 792 micro-channel public number: Shannon hit the books