Prose “mind, never far away.”

[A] two stars you are sunrise and sunset Cowboy.I was spinning the line every day, lonely days Weaver.On one occasion, accidentally poke the clouds looked down, I saw you, my dream prince black one, is to field watering.    I told you at first sight, from the big worldly, I yearn for a better life on earth.So on their backs Fu Huang and his mother, secretly flying to the ground, into your arms.Our farming men and women weave loving for me, you carry water to cook me, and soon also have a pair of lovely children, passionate love between us, always regrets no complaints.    Suddenly there day, Fu Huang and his mother found me gone, they sent around to look heavenly days, and then I see you, they furious.I pleaded, I explained, they will not listen.After a series of struggling, I was eventually forced to stand back to heaven, we are far apart.    But I do not want to leave you, my love, you are hard to find, a woman’s heart.After the last fight, we were allowed only in July this year seven at night, vine meet.Hard to wait, the torment of Acacia, continue to torment you and me, miss the tears flow has become the Galaxy.    For ever and ever, the end of time, for love hearts, like flame-like gushing.So, you into Altair, I became Vega.You stand not far from where I blink, keep looking at me tenderness Feelings.I am also full of tears, showing warm and hot, with your distant relative, since then, to stay together, not far from!    [Two] snow and Plum plum you are human, I am God falling snowflakes.One day occasionally meet, struck a spark of love.In this way, I fall in love, resides the world, and you’ll stay.You also dependency go hand in hand, so looking at me, comfort me a moment alone.    Expanse of land, call sign north wind, cold and windy.Plum around the Yin Hong, always shrouded in snow, you strive to bloom the most beautiful face, elegant one after another winter, only to win my smile.    There will be a day, the arrival of spring flowers, I have to leave, you will hide his face with tears, my hand, want to take you fly overhead together, however, a burst of thunder and lightning, I do not want you dying of loneliness.So let go of the hand, we missed the phase pull, leaving you jealously guarding mortal.After the silence of the winter, so you still smile blooming, and my soul, vulgar Also Deity also!    Mei yes ah, winter comes, the snow capping.I am the face with tears, still worried.Everything will be buried cold, I was the only stubborn raised his head to fight with snow and ice.Can I borrow your lips, to catch up with my wet dream, I want to blooming bloom smiles, showing off my tenderness my strength of character to season.I do not want the beautiful and fragrant flowers blooming, embracing only the snowstorm, my tears had been crystallized, surrounded by little crimson, because dead wood will eventually germinate, blossom ice have to, I will in the depths of the season, is about the love of your past life this life.    [Three] reincarnation past life because some unfulfilled love, I turned into a snake, you stopped in the road must pass through, etc. blooming you smile for me.Time has in the past many years, but you never appeared.At this time, the winter season has come to my cold body, heating only hold your name.    Far, red people come floating in the air, you do?Goes the familiar face.However, once numerous warm name at the moment but silently forward, you did not recognize who I am.    I wanted to wait for thousands of years, only to finally look at you, if you have not come, I will wait for you to thousand years.Now see you safe and sound, full of happiness, my heart has been put down, and then pull from no-mind!    [Four] paradise you and I are a pair of Wuling described by Tao, carefree living in paradise, because my wayward fun, and sometimes lost its way, in the mountains, in the primeval forest, spinning.    I am helpless, I cry, trance hear your response, a fuzzy face.You quietly took my hand and walked towards the curved mountain, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the road leading to the house, my brilliant smile, I looked back, but you go away.    What I hate my tears can not see, you really want to discern how bright face, fog can be a barrier, blurring the sight of each other.    I faintly hear you cry: “end of the road, is your home, do not lose anything missing strong and brave!”I suddenly saw the sun is in between the sink and did not sink; rain, smiling silently hovering beside; and my heart paradise, never stopped at the edge of a dream.I lamented my sad; in fact, been on the side of love, we are good at that blame!    [Five] legend because in the crowd looked at you, my heart is no longer alone.We love each other, always winding between heart, we worried about heart, not far away from!    Step forward, you can reach your fingers Man soft, between your chest, afraid afraid of how Shenhen a number of deep love, from Oliver caught, blame each other.Back and watch, waiting thousands of miles away, never come back wistfully of!    It remains such a distance okay ah?This vast and distant, perhaps the life, the most beautiful best pure emotion.Occasionally, as one day, looking at the Star of the sea, quiet and lofty, let the blue sky, sunny, we exist in each other’s heart; I hope consonance of a move, a faint smile and greetings, as the spring breeze was blowing, blessing forever!