A beautiful girl

(I) This evening was no moon, there is no trace of wind, a person to Wal-Mart shopping, but ran into her. “Hey, you are a man it?”She saw me I was standing on the elevator, browsing the little cubicle was even, suddenly heard this sound, I looked up, but the intersection with her eyes. “Ok.”I paused in fact, recently I was to see her, but at the moment, but do not know what to say. (Ii) I remembered that afternoon, yang tenderness, and breezy.She invited me to watch them dance.It was the first time I saw her: dancing, flower eyes, ponytail, white skirt. Ball was a success, the audience burst into applause lively.The night is over, she and a female partner wanted to leave the scene, in the noisy export, was stopped by a gentlemanly man. “Hi!Hello, nice to meet you!”I greet her,” Hey, hello!We are now going to the gym, do you want to go with?”She smiled,” Thank you,!No, I still do.”I politely refused Actually, i do not want her to be together, even for a little while is good too, but I thought, and so she went to, it is a how offensive hasty thing.I think we need time, need time to know each other slowly. On the way back, a man walked slowly, like a lot better. That afternoon sunshine, quietly sprinkled on the ground, warm and serene, I was somewhat flustered . (Iii) Later, she often take the initiative to contact me, and I enjoy this feeling. I think of that night, my baby on her phone call, maybe just to please me, in fact, I was not happy, but fell into a deep sadness, the feeling that we can not now.She is a good girl, singing and dancing, there figure to figure, there is face to face, there is no lack of excellent suitors around. In front of her, my hands are empty, only the infinite self-esteem. (Iv) I think that summer is the day, sky blue Zhanzhan, dripping generally clean, Begonia flowers sweet fragrance, enchanting and beautiful.I was in Beijing to play, she answered the phone at night, when I asked to go back, my heart secretly pleased, telling her that tomorrow is the return date. “Why do not you go out?”I tentatively asked her ‘no one to accompany me out’ she sighed, and my heart burst of joy, immediately agreed to go out with her next time. (V) I think of that sunny day, blue sky gods such as clothes, Yan’er muttered, butterflies dancing.I have a lovely girl, she appeared again in front of me, she is still a white dress, the flowers eyes, ponytail. A meeting, she let me speak, I actually know what to say, nothing to say, I have low self-esteem, I blush, sheepishly afraid to look at her eyes.Soon, I discovered that she was a passionate girl, she wanted me to talk too much, but I’m a quiet person, so very little.Then, the scene becomes awkward, banquet broke up. She left, stand at the road, watched her back, disappearing in the blocks.The distance, the sunset quietly retreat, beginning the night sky enveloped the city. It was the second time we met, similar to last time. (Vi) Later, all my initiative to contact her, or call or text message, just ignore her, or politely say thank you.I’m getting no patience, I think she did not mind my location. A desolate autumn night, slightly cold and biting, I hit went to a remote bar, I hold the bottle drunk, and then delete the decisive about her all the messages and communication. (Vii) the days of leisurely walking, I thought I had forgotten all about her.Suddenly one day, she received a text message: “You recently flies right?”(Viii) my life, will encounter a lot of people, whether love or do not love, you can be together, spend life every day, every month, every year, when parting, please bring my a treasure.