A “Hair Like Snow,” broke the early night life (prose)

A “Hair Like Snow,” broke the early night life (prose) text / Yan Yunfeng last night, the child told me, “Tonight,” China good voice “war nest pinnacle of certain shock.You sit back and watch it!”Returning to the heart of music was first awakened, breeds ripples.Home from work, eat, face delicious meals lover to do, have a drink.Think of innocent children and occasionally care, think of love perennial meticulous care and love, is very happy.Not only sweet, but also thanks to the warm mood.    ”I drink a little.” I looked up at love, laugh without words.In fact, my happiness is in her silent gratitude.Perhaps my vision is too long absence Feelings of it, she actually blushed, smiled, turned to the kitchen.    I suddenly remembered the first grade of winter, I learned very well, loves to sing, when the squad leader, teachers like me.Every teacher touched my head, love brushed my face, my shoulder filmed.There is a particularly good blown flute teacher, I am very fond of, he would often after school to teach me.I soon or blow up school.Repeatedly beg my mother to buy a flute, until his death a year later, she did not get.    I do not blame parents, because then the family is too poor to afford to buy.However, it’s the home of deep forests are generally poor, not just my family.Later, in my brother’s help, a water-use bamboo mountains, selection for a while, just made my first flute.I put it down, often with me, firewood way home from school, but also blew a few paragraphs on the local folk songs, or songs to teach school.Father is very fond of, is very envious peers.    Years positive propaganda “general task during New Phase”.County propaganda troupe to perform in my hometown, in line with the township government’s arrangements, I was out of school and other school children singing outstanding children’s performances make up the group to participate in the show with publicity.My show is the solo interlude plus small child blowing a flute.I do not know success or not, I only know that performance is finished, the audience audience thunderous applause and clamor.    Because too many people think of when finish, I was crowds scattered, can not find the way home from the township government, and I am anxious crying on the ridge.Fortunately, a group of people passing by, a sister to see me, “it’s you, not find the way of it, go with your sister, sister take you home tomorrow.”To her home, too late to not disturb others, and she slept with.Shame that the middle of the night do not know when I dream floating in the sea, the cold, struggling desperately, want to stay alive.Suddenly he woke up, his body did not know at all wet.Ah, bedwetting, and shame!Sister found leaning against the window children sleep really fragrant, I am sorry I scared myself afraid to speak.After an uncomfortable morning, I dressed quietly out of bed, slipped out the door, one can see the direction of home, and went straight to the house and ran.Later he learned that his sister was actually I did not get married Tangsao.After married here, I always laugh, “bedwetting bag”, I laugh long, long time.And then I grew up, I smiled at him, I answered her, “You did not ashamed of it, did not you get married and the husband’s brother to sleep!”She’ll no longer make fun of me!    Just got home not long after, my dad was scolded me “how little lost?We are looking for you all night, you know.?”I came a few aunts and uncles.Ask my dad to find me, I understand the effect that I was to be with her aunt.I bought a lot of delicious back.The adults exchanged a long time.Finally, wrapped in my aunt said, “Son, unfortunately, you do not agree with your dad walked with us, said that after the death of your mother, you are his lifeblood, will not let you leave him to die!”Later, my dad told me:” That aunt is the head of the county’s troupe, had no children, say you’re a good seed, you want to live with her, after you train to literary genius.I did not do it, is to starve to death, then it will not you give it away……Just because I was born, the family was poor due to keep alive not sent through several.Because I can not keep the old sick to death, and was also back.You can go home, grazing turbid water also will be OK.After several rounds, my mother took me longer given away.    In fact, when I do not know what, nothing special feeling, just think aunt was very nice to me.But grow up to understand, how it was a good opportunity to ah!I like to sing, sing childhood songs are good.Despite the loss of that opportunity is the regret of my life, but I never blame my father, and I thank him for my father, even though you have not seen for two years, his old also died, my mother went to the……    ”Quick drink ah, eight, started!”I just turned around and children from the dark memories, watching TV.The Voice of China “Bird’s Nest match-ups” has curtain.Watching programs, while children think of some of the past, my singer’s dream, ah, ah my writer’s dream, my dream ah calligrapher……Everything is as empty, everything is burned out.In those years, Nana, my life is more difficult ah!Behind the big mountains, both parents died young, his family was too poor, let me go now, really is not easy ah!Finally.    He answered a God child when being heard Ang Lee singing “Hair Like Snow”: Spike month, Iraqis haggard.I toast, drank the snow.Who tipped past lives cabinet?Non-dust alight.Edge tactics, repeated cycle?    Yes ah, “Spike month” half of the waxing or waning moon, half buried, May incomplete, and pale, like my incomplete childhood, adolescence, mottled, and the vast depression.Struggling to crawl the growth.Nowhere toast, toast unintentionally, even if only to make a toast to drink snow.Who is really in control of past lives, let Half my life is so hard-line!Red excessive, reincarnation He Fan?Only this few to sing my heart heavy, meaning Lian Lian, gurgling love, this life early night, painful in previous years……    Own firewood, cut mangosteen buy, earn tuition, coming to primary school.Often the entire winter and summer in order to make enough tuition.Always remember to buy a 20 cents a harmonica, I cut firewood to sell a full ten days before they buy back the beloved harmonica.The face of difficulties and difficulties, I always could not help but miss their parents, always stone cold sitting in front of the shore, alone harmonica “There is only a good mother,” “miss my father.”……Many this time, the yard’s aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters will be touched my head, pulled me to their house, sit, talk comforting words……Music singing dream did not destroy, the real-life situation, there is no dream to take root, soil and germination timing……    ”You suomei, cry for love lost.Even if history ashes, my love is immortal.In thousands bustling east, I just take a spoonful of love is understood that only love your avatar butterfly.”Really my soul sing the.In love flowing, bleeding heart.Time unable to retain, very perishable Shaohua.Teenager away, the youth in the past, no longer calls.Even bustling smoke, three thousand eastward, the heart of love, devoid never been.How about?To buy food in order to survive, only love butterflies into the heart, mind empty, love, such as Splendor.    The junior high school, there was a music teacher in particular, like me, he knows where I first saw “guitar”.Under his instructors, and soon I will simply play the guitar.That was to my home town first, and the first thing foreign stuff.In school activities and show me his cooperation. “Ambition to speak melancholy” guitar, flute accompaniment.He won praise super good.Shame to say, the day with the flute, or I would only homemade bamboo flute Hill.    Teacher wonderful performances, incredible guitar sound, so I fell in love with the guitar.I want to buy a multi-ah!However, he asked the price, so scared I could not think, and can only fancies, often inaccessible.    However, this love like a deep-rooted in the psychology of young bizarre, the more eager.I wanted to borrow money, thought of their own money to buy.All this may not be achievable dream.Because it is no one to lend me, precisely, did not lend much money I bought a guitar to play.My cousin once said to me: “You are whimsical, fantasy.”But true love is not devoid of.I have an uncle is an old carpenter, it can be described as craftsmen.He knows my thoughts.One day he came to me, “Son, I heard a guitar of your dreams, you can not borrow your guitar teacher Laikankana!I think, ah, maybe I can help you make one, okay ah!”I suddenly remembered that he is known for good carpenter, I was very happy,” Yes, I should be able to borrow, please do that.””but……”I looked down,” Uncle, I could not pay you wages ah!”” Do you pay for, if I read, you can do, I am willing to help you do.”” Great, only a verbal thank you!”I found a teacher, like a good excuse, I did not expect an opening, the teacher said yes.The teacher said, “I’m just going to the province to open a music seminar, probably came back a week you play it take!”What a godsend ah!.    Carpenter gave his uncle, he said, “put me here, my research study, you feel at ease to school, well I will come to you.”I’m so happy ah, it seems a little eight Puer.    The sixth night, carpenter uncle came to me, and in my opinion brought two identical guitar.I do not actually exclaim, “Uncle, you are too talented, and exactly the same” Uncle whispered to me, “I put down pieces of string on the guitar teacher out on to do this to me, it seems like it happened ah!”He was very confident.I am pleased that awkward ah, beyond words.    Because the teacher taught how my piano tuning.I took the newly made after adjusted the bomb song “I Love Beijing Tiananmen”, it really is going on.I immediately frustrated.I’m only the piano, no strings parts, how to play ah!    On Monday, I took piano teacher back to school, teachers back.Also his guitar, he has come up with a paper bag. “You see, this is what?”Look, I’m very excited,” Teacher, how do you know I need it ah?Thank you very much!”” Hey, your kid that something clever, fool teacher?” ‘Hey, teacher, I salute you’ really low bow.    In the carefully modulated teacher, my guitar really good.The teacher said, “You’ll have to thank The carpenter uncle.””Yes.”Since then, I have my own guitar.    Span the school to go to school, carry home from school.To be honest, a lot of partners who are envious of my children, I admire.The neighbors are also very fond of me.I often play the guitar in the yard, many people will quietly listen.I have a dream, and so I was in college, I test Conservatory of Music, in the future to be a musician, to be a singer.    However, fate seemed to favor the poor will never be the same.Junior high school, high school when I received the admission notice, “high” tuition has become a problem.To the county school, I have no time to myself to make money.But who read it for me?No one, no one for my school.That season, in addition to despair, or hopelessness……    Later, I finally could not stand on my hometown cruel, I was alone outside the home, alone vagrancy.To fill his stomach to work for survival while wandering survive.Later, buy a house to live, get married and have children.Flash, not the most of their lives.Until today, nothing.Although life, family, work are good, but listening to this song, my heart really was not the taste, as worse than spilled bottle Gomi.    Once love, ever dream, everything is so far away, far too deep regret and loss.I suddenly remembered the words of my wife and children, “Dad, you up the white hair.”” Your hair more and more, fewer points after brain…….    ”Your hair like snow, poignant parting.Who moved my incense?Invite the moon, so bright memories, perfect love in the moonlight.    Hair flowing, snow, swirling tears.I wait for old who?Red drunk, tipsy years.I have no regrets, monument engraved forever love you……Bronze mirrors reflect innocent, ponytail.If you run wild life I will fight in wine.”After listening to this song, graceful mood, I have drunk.Xuefei heart drunk, drunk eyes tearless.Life half gone, hair like snow, poignant love has been lost, not poignant dream early.Tea light incense heart faint crescent as incomplete.Only years of memories perfect by moonlight; hair is snow, the Red, the old dream of whom broken?And regret not regret, do not have a monument of love.1000 War to the eve of the half, sober night after a dream not to return.    Just as a poem, half a chapter text, do not say reincarnation, the book straight past years.Half have been fleeting, and the second can not be abandoned.The good news is, there is peace of mind in unfamiliar text, shapeless poem to be written.Do a batch, tilting years.    Hair Like Snow, mournful air.Love still around, like a dream return.After a scorching early night, but also pay more than half a lifetime dream.    October 2015 No. 9 in Hebei Bazhou