And a moment that ought to have lasted for ever

First seven, second seven … ” as time goes by, I know that the person who gave birth to me and cared for me all the time, always nagging at each other and always telling him to leave will disappear forever from this world.. An important person in my life, I have no chance to mingle with her at some point in time and space in this life. Her voice, face and smile only become a negative in my memory.     When you walk in spring, the peach blossoms in the mountains are flushed. But my world is a piece of frost, I can’t feel the breath of spring. At this moment, I deeply appreciate what kind of darkness and cold the world without a mother is like. From then on, who else will be worried and caring for their children? I don’t know who said’ Mother’s nagging is the most beautiful music in the world’, but this music I will never enjoy again in this life.     The vast expanse of the earth and the vast expanse of the starry sky. where are you,mom?? You turned into a cloud, a gust of wind and a dew? Or become a grass, a tree, a star? In the past 61 years, the mountains, mountains, rivers, corners and flowers of this land have all left your footprints and recorded your sounds, sounds and smiles, as well as your joys and sorrows.. I’ve been searching for it in the years that have passed. I’ve been searching for the dusty days.. Mother has just come here, her voice and her smile are scattered all over the fields, so loving and so slim. I was like a night walker, suddenly a gust of wind blew out the distant lights, so I couldn’t find the way forward.     where are you,mom??     In this article, I would like to recall my mother under Jiuquan.     The mother’s village looking up to her childhood was green with the colors of the season..     The mountains are gloomy and the sky is deep blue. My hero’s companions and I drove a group of yellow and black cattle through the woods. The house was surrounded by trees around it. When the smoke curled up, I knew breakfast was coming soon.. At this moment, my mother will always walk out of the house from time to time and stand under the silky tree looking and calling at us.. While we are young, we jump and respond like a group of happy birds, making as much noise as possible to show our existence.. Through the gap in the forest, the mother’s figure is clear.     My mother was standing under a big tree, and her family became her background, and her eyes were always following my direction.. I stood on the hill, my home was the starting point of my long journey, and my mother’s eyes were always holding me aloft. Today, the herds of childhood and the big silky green trees are moving to the depths of time and space, and my mother is also moving away from my world..     Mothers, like other rural mothers, are ordinary like a grass in the mountains, and it is they who dress up rivers and mountains and try their best to purify the increasingly polluted living environment.. What a sad thing that children have become the biggest faith in the family in a country where faith is lacking and hope is being cruelly shattered.! This helpless reality suffocates me and often presses my straight back like an open bow, but the arrow of indignation finally hits my chest. My mother believed in Jesus in her later years, which was good. I prayed that God would lead her to heaven and stay away from this miserable place..     Mother’s cheering countryside is like a big winnowing basket, carrying the needles of life in disorder. The daily necessities of life, such as rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea, pigs, cows, dogs, chickens, ducks and geese, must not be neglected.. Mother is a good coordinator and practitioner. She keeps this trivial matter in order, and she also helps her father to sow and harvest in the fields in the busy farming season … Ah, I have always believed that mother is a romantic person.. The busy rural life has made her feelings more thorough. Sometimes she will dance for the successful conclusion of something, and sometimes she will weep for the misfortune of people in movies and TV plays.. I often remember that on a summer night, under the dim oil lamp, she chanted drama fragments word by word, and I was often overwhelmed by the dislocation of my mother’s role..     After I went to college, my studies were much easier and I didn’t have the concept of making up lessons in summer and winter. I spent more time with my parents and helped my mother do some housework at ordinary times.. I remember it was also a summer vacation, when two big pigs were raised in the family and a pot of food had to be cooked every two days.. Feed has become a big problem, so we have to pick pig grass every other half day.. On that day, as soon as it was bright, my mother got up. I was also called up and went with her to mow the pig grass.. The darkness before dawn was particularly deep and the mountains were submerged in chaos. My mother raced along the rugged mountain path, followed by me. The curtain over the sky slowly opened, and my mother and I made a brilliant appearance. Near the top of the mountain, the east was already bright. Sunlight is like waterfall, mist is like gauze, morning dew is like bead. At this time, the mountains, rivers and peach blossoms contain rain, such as the lovely bride to be married. Mother suddenly gave a whoop of joy, opened her arms and ran against the colorful glow … ” Everyone is a born poet”. How many emotions have been repressed by the heavy reality and how many tenderness and delicacy have been weathered by the years in her short life. When her bright and clean skin is aging with her heart, the moon is bright and thin, autumn insects chirping and bamboo shadows swaying, does mother weep alone??Many years have passed, but I still can’t forget my mother’s selfless act of galloping towards the sunrise, and she is deeply intoxicated from time to time. Perhaps that is the happiest moment of her life.!     Mother’s loom, which represents the ” men’s plowing and women’s weaving” age of thousands of years, is still a tool for mother’s life to inherit tradition and convey warmth.. In the slack season, this ” elder” who has been forgotten by history, times and people was once again invited out by his mother.. She was not cold and sharp in the metal of the industrial age, and kept the delicacy, fragrance and gentleness of the wood of the farming period completely.. I think my mother tried her best to arrange a public meeting to invite this old feudal man out of the mountain, not to show her skills, but to appreciate the tenderness of her thousands of years of’ Vega’ life..     Planting cotton, weeding, loosening soil, fertilizing and picking cotton; Spinning thread, warp thread, brushing machine, pulling heald, spinning spike … ah, a little tired, so tired that it became a Zhang horse.. All the weaving and weaving have been integrated into her delicate love, and time has witnessed her gentle feelings.. Lying on the bed sheet of the mother’s favorite textile, covered with the quilt made by her mother, is so comfortable and comfortable, and the sleeping is so sweet and comfortable..     Today, my mother has gone. But the hissing cicada, chirp weaving and father’s thunderous snoring at noon in summer passed through time and space, waking up my childhood memories from time to time.     Accidental coincidence I don’t know how many billion years of evolution and waiting, and how many times of passing by, finally at some point in time and space, we met and became mother and child..     We grew up in the east and all the zodiac animals belong to rabbits. Father was born only seven days earlier than mother, and my birthday is the seventh day of the first month. More bizarre is the mother’s second birthday in July and her death in February! I also tried to find out some clues from them, but I was a poor hunter and couldn’t catch God’s cunning tail..     Half a month before my mother’s death, I suddenly felt confused and heartache, sometimes even sleepless at night.. To go to the hospital for examination, modern instruments do not see any abnormality. Every time I make a phone call to my home, my mother says it’s good, and she is always thinking about asking about us in other places.. However, the accident just happened. She hasn’t woken up since she fainted. ‘ Watching you helplessly, there is nothing I can do …’ I experienced where will you go’s helplessness and sadness for the first time. How I wish my mother would wait another 10 years and 20 years … Ah, then I will return to my hometown, take her for a walk, chat and enjoy her old age..     In the process of taking care of my mother’s funeral, my symptoms of palpitation and heartache seem to have decreased a lot. I set up my lonely father, and on my way back to work, my heart felt sick again. I know my mother is still thinking about me. She hopes I can keep the promise I never made before her life, and finally stay with her for a few more days, accompany her and accompany her lonely father..