Buddha said, can only give you a heart

Son, tomorrow your mother and I will accompany you to work at work, which means that you have really grown up from now on.   Yesterday, I watched you and your mother walk out of the gate. In fact, I have a lot to say in my heart. You said you were going to get the scheduled train ticket. Looking at your happy scene, tears have flooded my heart. I know that you are finally going to fly away from me..   In a few years, you will have your own home, your own children, and you will become a father. I hope that you will love and educate your child as much as I do your mother and let him grow up healthy and happy as you did as a child..   Today, one of the most important words I want to say to you is: Son, you are very good! You have always been excellent from primary school and middle school to university.. I clearly remember that you won many awards in primary and secondary schools. I kept those awards until one day I will give them to you.   What makes me proud most is your college entrance exam score. You were admitted to a famous university with a score of 54 points higher than the key admission line. All my depression, tiredness, injustice and uneasiness were released in an instant. You made me the proudest father..   In the four years of college, you have continued to study hard and have won several awards. When I looked through your graduation materials, I found that you graduated with an outstanding fourth place.   Four years is really fast. Today you have graduated. Tomorrow you will report for duty. The day after tomorrow you will become a wealth-creating worker. You really grow up!   If possible, I really want to keep you around all the time. Although Dad treats your brothers seriously at ordinary times, in fact, Dad’s heart is very fragile. I really worry about your future life. Can you eat on time when Mom and Dad are not around?? No one bothers you, will you buy your own clothes? You have been wronged, has anyone comforted you? Ah, one side is happy for you, and the other side is worried about you. I can’t hold so much emotion in my heart.. I prayed to Buddha to give me two hearts! One is happy for you, the other is worried for you. But Buddha said: Only one heart can be given to you, because you gave one to your son in the past life, so you have to be happy for him and worry about him with all your heart in this world..   I finally understand that people can’t have two hearts, one heart is pure and two hearts are complex. Son, believe in your parents, we will be happy for you and worry about you with a complete heart..   Tomorrow, let’s go together!