Elder brother, it’s time for Duanyang

[ Original Text ]You are alone. I asked you to come out for a meal on Saturday and Sunday. Neither Zhu Ling nor I have time at ordinary times. We have time for a good meal these two days.. I’m so happy that you’re here, but I’m so angry that you’re carrying meat and fish..   Elder brother, today is Duanyang. I can’t sleep these two nights, my mind is full of the situation of our brothers together.     Every year after Duanyang, I have to go home. We had lunch early and then waited in the tea shop.. When someone comes, you always let me go to the table first, for fear that I will not play well. I play mahjong and you are a staff officer. Every time, we go to the’ house of people’ and play mahjong, our brother always sits at a table. To be honest, I don’t know whether you want to accompany me or I want to accompany you. You don’t play my card, I don’t play your card. Every time I saw you win more than ten yuan, I was also very happy to lose. Do you remember?? Every time I play mahjong with you, you always win and I always lose. Do you know why? Elder brother, we are brothers of shuangfei, but today, you left me with brothers … ah duanyang arrived, and I also planned to go home, thinking that you would take me to play mahjong at the store, but I moved my body and suddenly understood that elder brother, you have already left and gone forever, and you will never play mahjong with brothers at the store again.. Do I still have a home to go back to in the future? After I go home, who will accompany me to play? Who will accompany me to play mahjong, my brother. Brother, why did you go in such a hurry? You’re here. I have a home. You’re not here. How do you ask me to go home!     Elder brother, I thought a lot and a lot. I thought, when you are ill and in pain, I will buy you some medicine and find a doctor. I thought, when you” fell asleep”, I gave you excrement and urine, I bathed you, I carried you in the sun, and I pushed you out to play. The only thing I didn’t think about was that you simply left. I didn’t wait a minute for my brother, didn’t say a word to him, and didn’t ask him to give you a penny to save you.. On the night of the earthquake, I heard of aftershocks. I’m afraid you don’t know. I rushed home and knocked on your people. I repeatedly told you to be careful not to sleep at home.. Who knows, the earthquake didn’t hurt you, you still walked so quietly. Elder brother, I am unwilling, unwilling! The Olympics are only two months old. Can’t you wait? I also thought that when you came to the streets, our brothers ate and chatted about the game, but you . ah, I took the rapeseed you planted to the streets and also helped you’ wind’ clean. I was just about to send money back to you, prepare to squeeze oil in two days and send oil back to you, but why didn’t you wait for the brothers?? Zhu Ling said to me, ” You said that when you have more money next year, I won’t pay for rapeseed next year.”. Elder brother, I’m really happy. My brother still has a dream, a dream that cares about his brother. But I’m in pain. I’m really in pain, brother! You didn’t even have to leave this year’s rapeseed money. Why? I still owe you money, my brother! Next year, next year, next year, where did you ask me to pull rapeseed, brother!     Brother, I’m out of rice. When did you go out? Bring me some rice on the street. Can, elder brother, you go, are you afraid of me and let you give me back rice? This is what you said. I don’t have any rice to eat, so I’ll give you a cry. Today I told you, bring it back to me, my brother! Oh, don’t carry it. You’re gone. I took advantage of your absence to’ steal’ all the rice in your warehouse. Brother will have to eat for many years, brother. Do you blame brother?? Elder brother, I really want you to give me back rice for ten years and twenty years, until neither of us can move. But, brother, why did you leave quietly? Don’t you give me back rice back tired? Is the back scared? Brother! You tell your brother! Elder brother, your sow and ten piglets for the full moon will cost six thousand yuan? But I didn’t sell it. I gave it to my sister. She told you to lend her money to build her house?Why did you leave. Our three siblings, you are the eldest brother, ” I have something to look for the eldest brother”. Now, who do you want me and my sister to look for, elder brother! Our brothers are predestined friends, otherwise how can we brothers be born together? On the 28th of the ninth lunar month. My sister also said that she was a good bargain. Her two brothers ” do life” and she only needed one gift.. The production team also said that my brothers must be very busy.. But, I think we are still young, and we will have a good time when we are fifty or sixty, but . ah, why don’t you wait for me? Why is our brother’s fate so short?     When I was a child, it was you who took me to play and played behind my back. You took me all the way to grandma’s house with pig grass. On one occasion, we pulled a big back of tender and fresh pig grass. Who knew it was from someone else’s cotton field and played pesticide, so we had to fall down. Grandma was angry and happy.. When I was a child, you took me to school. The family can’t afford to give money to study. It’s always you who are wronged, and it’s always you who burn your schoolbag by dad.. Together, we check peas and catch worms to earn points. You are always faster than me and always more than me. When I read grade three, you always drag the sick body to make breakfast for me early. I read aloud every night, clamoring for you, and you never complain. The dark and smelly room where our brothers slept together . Ah, when I was in grade three, I wanted to buy information for only 80 cents, but Dad couldn’t bear it. You said to Dad while cooking, ” Give it to him.”. I went to normal school and borrowed money every time I came home, then you and dad returned it. I got married, and you and dad gave me money . ah, my brother, what did my brother give you? Why don’t you want to go with your brother for ten or twenty years!     At six o’clock that afternoon, I was hurried home by the team. I always thought you were sick. I never dreamed it was you who left, brother! You lay motionless on the floor of someone else’s shop and Zhu Ling watched you cry. I know you’re gone. I didn’t cry. I can’t save you. What’s the use of my tears! I picked you up. Your body is still hot or soft and you can’t walk fast. I asked Zhu Ling to ” help” you on my back, and I ran behind your back. I will carry you home.. Some people say’ back is not allowed’. I ignored it. You are my brother. How can you not back it?. ‘ 120” The doctor is here. I am not willing to let them save you. They said they did not save you.. Elder brother, although you are ill, I really want you to live another ten or twenty years, even if you ” fall asleep” at that time, I will take good care of you. That’s what I said to my students, elder brother.! Those three nights, you were lying in a frozen coffin, I was sitting next to you, and I kept standing beside you to see you. You slept so peacefully that you just ignored me.. How much I want to think, you suddenly cried, ” Second child, I want to drink water.”! I want you to sit up suddenly. I can say with surprise, ” You wake up.”! ‘ Three nights, I was sitting next to your ice coffin and didn’t sleep a wink. I just looked forward to it. I really hope you can come back. I didn’t let dad accompany you. I didn’t let anyone accompany you. It’s hard for our brothers to sit quietly and spend so long together. I really want to keep you and my brothers together.!     You are alone. I asked you to come out to have a meal on Saturday and Sunday. At ordinary times, neither Zhu Ling nor I have time. We have time to do a good meal these two days.. I’m so happy that you’re here, but I’m so angry that you’re carrying meat and fish.. You always say that lei lei just went to college and spent a lot of money. when lei lei lei works, you will come to eat’ free food’. But lei lei hasn’t worked yet, brother. how did you go? You said, in the future we will be busy, you will help lei lei to bring the children, brother, how do you talk without counting? I have repaired the’ house’ for you. I personally brought you the spirit. I brought you into the’ house’ with tears in my eyes.. It was a busy day. The whole team came, and relatives also came. They said you were a good man.. You have no descendants, but you have relatives? You have me and my sister! I can’t let you go desolate . Ah, just now Zhu Ling was still saying that in previous years, Duanyang, or elder brother called us back for dinner, but today . Ah, elder brother, it’s time for dinner.. But where are you! In the afternoon, did you take me to the store to play mahjong? My brother – responsible editor: yi er[ original ]