Father love mountains

After he graduated as a doctor, he successfully entered a well-known foreign company and held the position of director.. This experience is lucky and enviable to others. However, only he knew that if his father hadn’t given him a drink in the first place. Perhaps, he is now like other people working in the south, doing boring work repeatedly every day, holding a meager salary and leading a life of idleness from now on..     He was a child brought up by a single parent family. When he was a child, his mother abandoned her family and left with others because she disliked her father’s inability to make money.. The mother left, the father worked outside all the year round, and he was raised by his grandmother.. From an early age, his father taught him to study hard, and in the future, he should not rely on sweat for money like himself.. Therefore, in his studies, his achievements have always been among the best. Every time after the exam, my father calls and asks about the results, he will always let out a exclamation” As long as you work hard, I will be worth it even if I am hard and tired again! ”. His father’s sigh has always been the driving force for him to study hard, and he knows that his father’s life outside is not easy. Therefore, he must prove to his father with excellent results that he will not let his father’s sweat flow in vain.     However, such efforts have stalled in the second year of high school. Because, he is infatuated with online games. He no longer works hard, no longer makes progress, and his father’s sigh seems to have been thrown out of the cloud nine. At first, he only ran to the Internet bar to play games on Sunday, and only played for an hour at a time.. However, with his growing addiction to the Internet, he can no longer be satisfied for an hour. So, one hour turned into two hours, two hours into four hours. Gradually, he learned to skip classes and go out to the Internet with students in his class who had not learned any tricks all day, and even learned to smoke and drink.. However, after all, paper does not hold fire. The teacher in charge learned that he was skipping classes and surfing the Internet and gave him a good lesson. After being taught, he also realized his mistake and felt guilty about it. He vowed to study hard and never play games again.. However, to his surprise, after all, he didn’t put guilt in his mind for long, and he began to skip classes again.. After the teacher in charge knew the news again, he felt downright disappointed with him, so he called his father directly..     Finally, when he returned from school as usual, he was greeted not by a warm classroom, but by a disappointed look in his father’s cold eyes. He panicked, he didn’t know how to explain to his father, he thought, let his father beat him. But to his surprise, his father did not hit him. Instead, he asked the teacher in charge for a month’s leave, asked him to tidy up his things and took him away.     He looked at the crowded and dirty room in front of him and his heart trembled. This is where his father lived on the construction site.? Yes, he came to the place where his father worked. By the time I got here, it was already seven or eight o’clock in the evening, and my father took him to the canteen at the construction site for a simple meal and went back to tidy up and rest.. Father told him that he would work here from tomorrow. He lay next to his father, feeling disconsolate, with cries and chirping of insects, and he fell asleep in the company of these sounds.. The next day, before dawn, he was woken up by his father and his short working career began. Moving bricks and mud is the simplest job on the construction site, and it is also the job he can do at present.. The scorching sun, the sultry air, and his physical strength were also wiped out by heavy bricks and cement barrels.. His hands were bruised and many wounds were added to his legs and arms.. In the ordeal, he finally got off work and dragged his tired pace towards the dormitory. His father told him to go to dinner. He motioned with his hand and said he didn’t want to eat and wanted to go back to bed.. His father gave him a look and finally did not call him again. Father didn’t love me, he thought.     By the time he woke up again, it was already midnight and he was woken up by the cries in his stomach.. He sat up and looked around the room looking for something to eat. At this moment, someone slapped him on the shoulder. He turned to look horrified and turned out to be his father.. Father got up, pointed to the door and motioned him to go out first. He came out to sit on the stone slab next to the house. After a while, his father also came out, but he still had a bowl of instant noodles in his hand.. Father handed the noodles to him. Without even saying thank you, he wolfed them up. No way, he was really hungry.. In the past, every time my father called him, he said he was very well and had good food and living here, so he didn’t have to worry about studying hard..After he arrived here, he didn’t know that his father’s good food and good living were meant to comfort him.. After he finished eating his noodles, his father went to the house and took out an ointment, carefully smearing it on his wound. He never looked at his father so closely. He looked at the wrinkles on his father’s face and the white hair on his temples before he realized that his father was old!     That night, the two of them talked all night. He never had such a long conversation with his father.. It was also that night that he realized his father’s hard work, his father’s hard work, and his father’s expectations for him.. He felt that he saw another father, loved him and loved his father. In the past, although he did not live up to his father’s expectations, he has been studying hard. However, he also has a grudge in his heart. Why is it that others are with their parents while he is with grandma?. When others were bullied, a father went to stand up for them, but when he was bullied, he only endured it silently in his heart. However, today he only knows how helpless his father is. His father does not want to grow with him, but for his better growth, his father has to migrate to earn more money and make his life better.. But what about him? Even with his father’s hard-earned money, he went to skip classes and surf the Internet. How much he didn’t understand??     The next day, before dawn, his father sent him to the railway station and gave him a hug before he left.. The hug was so warm and so deep. At the same time, the hug also placed his father’s expectations for him and his missing father’s love..     Father’s love is always silent, but this silent love has no weight at all. He knew that fathers love mountains