Foreign land is always a foreign land – looking for my hometown of peace on the tip of the tongue

” Don’t worry, a girl has two choices in her life. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t choose a job. Marriage will give her another chance.”. At that time, gu’s cousin graduated from Beijing university of political science and law’s trump card major and fought under the imperial city’s roots. the money order sent back every month was the climax of the villagers’ conversation after tea and meal.. In 2008, when I chose an ordinary veteran with only a high school diploma as my husband, my mother completely fell into the mire of disappointment and insomnia … Ah, she didn’t understand why she didn’t choose to marry a husband who could honor her family when other girls in the village who didn’t study got rid of poverty by getting married.. Mother began eagerly waiting for my new house. On the other hand, in-laws and relatives and neighbors have a wonderful story: the Liu family married a’ rising’ daughter – in – law, was sensible and filial, gave up the new building to in-laws and settled a new home in the old house where the old couple had lived for more than 40 years.. In 2014, the coastal tourist city was more beautiful. Every day, I walk out of the Tang and Song customs of Penglai Pavilion, pass through the neat and clean main road, turn into a small alley through the neat and generous residential area, come to the stone house that seems to be out of tune with the beauty of the city, push open the iron gate we made, see the fig tree bowed its head and lamenting the heavy fruit, honeysuckle is trying to release the final fragrance, the bean sprouts piled up on the wooden frame are waiting to be picked in the best time, green green peppers chat up with grapes while thinking about dating eggplants that also love to wear purple clothes at the dinner table … Ah, in the kitchen, the stars are holding! After a bite, there was plump soup coming into my mouth. It felt very sour and sweet like the fruit of a tomato in my mother’s yard. I said to the star as I ate, ” Peanut oil is running out, I will go to my mother’s house this weekend to search for some .” He turned his head and smiled at me sly: ” Last time I went back to see my mother washing wheat, I called my mother and pressed some flour to carry it home at Mid – Autumn Festival.”. ” In 1994, when the village’s partners could play coquetry with their parents every day, I was already on my way to the village and town high schools and went home for two days at the weekend to eat meals made by my mother.. In 1997, when my partner of the same age graduated from junior high school to help my parents work in the fields, I lived in the dormitory of county high school and went home one day a month to eat two meals made by my mother.. In 2000, I took a 39 – hour train and came to Changsha to miss Wen Wan’s hometown in the spicy flavor of Hunan cuisine. At the beginning of 2004, I threw my resume everywhere to look for a job and suddenly wanted to eat corn paste at home one night.. At that time, the express delivery was still slow delivery, and the urgent items sent by my mother arrived in my hand 10 days later.. I boiled corn flour in Changsha, but it still has no flavor of my hometown.. For those of us who are far away from home, traveling between cities is like shuttling between different villages as a child, but as a child, we always linger in the land of our hometown, and the hot rice fragrance and mother’s lightly chastising are within reach when we go home. However, today’s visit to our hometown is not as attentive as migratory birds. If the current life makes traveling between wandering cities a norm, then put your heart in your hometown. Outside the window, the small courtyard where fruits and vegetables grow vigorously seems out of place with the city, but I insist that she grow into a childhood courtyard.. The vegetables that naturally grow in the courtyard, cooked by the stars, have become my hometown of peace on the tip of the tongue..