Ancient Chinese medicine treatment of fractures healed fractures with its three seconds

Fracture treatment, during the summer months, many of my friends are particularly fond of sports, but this time also very easy to fracture, causing the life and work of a lot of inconvenience。 So, what Chinese medicine treatment of fractures to teach you the treatment of fractures。
First, what is the bone osteosynthesis Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine is mainly the use of special techniques for patients continued on broken bones broken bones, and so that it can heal properly, if executed well, it can take three seconds better。 Chinese medicine treatment of bone technique is one of orthopedic, is the doctor's hand movements to fractures, dislocations and soft tissue damage restoration。
The bone is mainly divided into orthopedic and administration, bone is the first step, and this is the key to treatment, that is, to make the process of resetting the fracture site, as some external force will cause misalignment to be corrected by surgical methods, then by internal fixation or external fixation portion fixed to a method to prevent the patient's bone displaced again。 The drugs healing, that is, after orthopedic, with key topical medication to promote the rapid growth of bones, so that rapid healing of broken bones, in order to achieve complete recovery。 In addition, the drug may also be in the absence of healing after traumatic reset Traumatology case, to effect swelling and pain, to adhere to, the effect is great。 Second, the classification orthopedic 1.Fracture Traumatology Orthopedics and Traumatology case not only treating fractures, but also the treatment of bone dislocation, bone fracture refers to the part due to trauma or other pathological causes complete break。
The main limitations of fracture is pain and tenderness, and there will be local swelling and bruising and other functional parts of the limb will be completely lost, complete limb deformities as well as bone or even unusual activity will appear。 2 fracture treatment.Head dislocation dislocation orthopedic orthopedic mainly because of contact with each other by external forces, away from the place, but not fracture like damage immediacy, can no longer function properly。 Dislocation may also be congenital, such as rheumatoid arthritis complications, would likely dislocation and joint've been hurt a person is prone to dislocation, bone is the best way to treat bone dislocation。