Enjoy a Happy Journey and Participate in the Summer Cool Literature Cup Regulations

Not far from the barracks, the winding tracks straddle Amano’s center. When the night is faint and everything is silent, through the window of the barracks, we often see the train running brightly in the carriage, and the rumbling sound gradually weakens from far to near.. Every time I pass by, I will be able to extrapolate my thoughts. Where will the train end? How many people go sightseeing and how many are visiting relatives and friends? Do they all have seats and are they happy on the way?     The excitement of vacations in the barracks far outweighs the excitement of meritorious service. The mood in anxious to return is like an eagle flying back into the blue sky, like a galloping steed returning to the grassland.. The beautiful scenery of my hometown dances in front of the post station. Warm reunion, floating in the heart of hope.     On board the train, everything was beautiful on the way. Passengers coming and going constantly add to the popularity of the car. The talkers searched for common topics time and time again to drive other people’s thoughts to follow the train’s ups and downs, which broke the strange calm. Optimists have humorous stories that bring laughter to the heart and forget the exhaustion on the way at that moment.. Helper’s kindness from time to time has caused numerous ripples of touching, and won admiration at that moment. Sow happiness and share joy. Throw away your loneliness and enjoy yourself on the way.     Although there are not many delicacies on the train, a bowl of noodles and a box lunch have a different flavor.. There is plenty of time and no worries on the train. With a magazine at hand, your feelings will dance between the lines full of ink fragrance.. The moment the train broadcast sounded, it gave passengers a long-lost peace and ease. Melodious melody hovers in the carriage and quietly enjoys the joy brought by famous songs. At this time, people’s mood was relaxed. Work fatigue, life worries and family worries all fade away and fade away with the beauty of music, and the mind is naturally intoxicated.. Tired, pillow sweet into the dream. Wake up, clear eyes gaze out of the window, the fleeting landscape is full of highlights in the eyes, and the vast farmland is full of native soil. Flowing scenery, intoxicated heart. A trip, a view, how unhappy?     The desired post station is not far away, and every stop is lit with excitement. This long-standing expectation, this strong vision, will soon be presented.     Leave home, visit relatives and friends, travel, travel or sightseeing. During the expected trip, a picture of beauty and fantasy was treasured. With expectation, the hard work of the trip is no longer hard work, and the yearning for the trip is destined to be a happy yearning..     How many times can you let go of your journey in your life. In an era of material desires, the pressure has doubled today. When we enjoy a lot of material wealth, we keep our ideals higher and higher, accompanied by’ depression’,’ tangle’,’ collapse’ for most people. It is not that happiness is hard to find, but that there is a lack of eyes that are good at finding happiness. Some people only regard the final result as the foundation of happiness, and even if they get their wish, they will start climbing towards a new goal, still on the way to struggle.. Some people have created wealth but lost their freedom. Happiness is in a long-term rush without experiencing it. Some people realize their ideals, but sacrifice their health, and accept the fact of suffering without realizing their happiness..     In the short, healthy and fulfilling life, you should pay attention to the ending, not the beauty of the trip, perhaps you will pick more happiness in the long journey you expect to get..     Contact person of Unit 65, Army 65352, meihekou city Mountain Town, Jilin Province: Gong Mingshan Tel: 1309155353453264670435 – 6973065 Postcode: 135022