The world is lovely

Liu Ping today tested’ What is your ancient name and identity? It turned out to be crazy, yes’ talented woman, and my friend also tested it. Heaven, it is’ servant girl’. The smile collapsed, but her result was good. At least she had a job. The result of another lucky person’s test was’,’ beggar’. Ha ha, laugh wildly! Smile dead. Come on, it’s so cute!     At noon to attend the wedding, the bride is my cousin, nearly 40 years old, is the oldest difficulty in the family. Everyone thinks she can’t marry out, and often hears relatives reprimand her daughter. Look who she is and you’ll be finished like her.. She has a bright and cheerful disposition and does not dress up. She has no heart and no lungs all day. She has no worries about a person who is fat and has a bad skin. However, she is surprising to everyone. She has met such a good man with a career, steady and decent appearance. Everyone said it was incredible.! The most incredible thing is that men, like her, have never been married. They are a few years younger than her, and they like her and regard her as a treasure. Others say she is careless, but he thinks it is lovely and love comes later. But when they meet the right person, they will think the other person’s shortcomings are lovely, yes, how good and how lovely the world is.!     Last night in line to buy lunch boxes, an old man suddenly stood in front of me as if he were a child and did not understand that he should not jump the queue. He was holding ten yuan in his hand and said he would buy chocolate ice cream. The clerk said no, and he thought again about ordering blueberries. The clerk said, Do you need to pack? He said he would not fight but eat now. At this moment, my heart suddenly became soft and old, much like a child, what a lovely old man. I hope all the old men are as innocent as a child and go to enjoy buying and eating things they like, not living for the children, and thank the lovely old people in this world for making me feel so lovely in the world..     Call her friend and tell her that if she doesn’t want to go home at noon, she will come to our company to eat the canteen. The new canteen has been built by the company and the chef is specially invited. The friend said that she just wanted to tell me that the amusement park has been built in the park and she asked me to take my children to play one day, which is also free. It’s good that the world is soft because of such pure friendship, not necessarily how many grandiose words and warm feelings are so pure, beautiful and lovely..     In fact, the world is so simple and lovely. When we are mature and tolerant and considerate, we will find that many things in our life are so lovely. We bought a new dress with our girlfriend. Oh, it’s such a brand-new feeling.! Lovely! I was cheated by the cunning guy and cherished and reminded myself how important honesty is. Having a pure and white heart is the greatest wealth. I am grateful for the good state of mind that has always been in my heart, and how lovely it is to bring endless happiness and surprise to my world because of purity.!     Well, thank you for all your frustrations and experiences, for all your help and cooperation, for your gentle understanding and compassion, and for everything. The world is lovely.!