A Confession of Eating Goods

For a food, the biggest pain is that she can’t eat any more. Although I am not an ultimate eater, I still deserve the title of’ eater’. In the past few days, it has been very unfortunate to have tasted the pain of food and goods.. First, there was excessive internal heat, swelling and pain in the gum line, and a large-scale oral ulcer was added.. The entire right gums have become forbidden zones. Drink water with care, a little careless touched the restricted area, rictus. Not to mention my beloved food business. Alas, how unfortunate!     To paraphrase a saying, food is not terrible, and they are afraid that food has culture.. And I am no doubt a cultured eater. In the face of the tragic reality that I can’t eat all my food, how can I remember it without singing and writing? Therefore, there was an extremely sour and sour Fu to participate in the fire.” Luoyang’s emperor was in high spirits, and Qiu Lai was even more difficult to send. From the morning, I took a mirror shot, and my face was as red as Tudan.. The tongue is dry, thirsty and weak, and the mouth is dull and unable to speak. Teeth are sore and swollen, five burning hearts. After drinking a little tea, the spirit and spirit are all at leisure. ‘ When buying medicine, special emphasis should be placed on not taking capsules, as long as they are granules. Sure enough, the compound honeysuckle granules taste good. Also can yet be regarded as a great comfort during the period of internal heat.     How to judge whether a person is food or not? The experts have long argued. When a group of people ate together, they couldn’t eat any more, ordinary youth would throw chopsticks and say, ” I won’t eat any more.”. While eating goods is difficult to spit out four words, rest and eat again. I naturally belong to the latter.     However, as a food and drink, it is necessary to have a strong enough heart to bear the huge gap between reality and ideal. When I read the red chamber regulations, my eyes were attracted to all kinds of red chamber dishes. The people in the red chamber also ate tastefully. Miaoyu collected snow from plum blossom in winter and buried it in the ground until summer when she came to cook tea.. The dishes are shrimp balls chicken skin soup, steamed duck with wine, rouge goose breast, cream pine pulp roll crisp, and a large bowl of green border fragrant rice rice steamed by hot blue ying ying.. With all its color and taste, it can ” hope for plum to quench thirst and draw cakes to appease hunger.”. Baoyu and Xiangyun presented Hong Ling, chicken head and newly steamed sweet osmanthus and chestnut powder sugar cake, which was full of autumn meaning and was easily shaken by the name alone.. And the lotus leaf soup, maple leaf tea and purple Chinese herb drink that you drink, you will feel bright and pleasant and poetic when you listen to them..     In fact, in my opinion, the woman who can cook is the most feminine. Feminine flavor was cooked in the pot, bowl, ladle and pot of smoky fire all the year round.. In the kitchen, in the hall. As low as the dust, washing my hands to make the bridal soup’s women are the most lively and fragrant.. It’s a pity that I don’t know anything about cooking by nature, so I can only make a simple meal.     If you can’t eat, life will lose a lot of fun. So please don’t laugh at the food and goods around you, they just know how to enjoy life better. I remember there was a red bean restaurant on the street opposite the school when I was in junior high school.. Breakfast is served with steamed stuffed bun and eight treasures porridge. At that time, prices were quite low. Porridge cost a dollar a bowl and steamed stuffed bun fifty cents a bowl. They were good and cheap.. And the restaurant is decorated well, antique, wooden desks and chairs. At that time, whenever I finished reading early, I ran as fast as I could to the red bean restaurant. Sitting on the swing cane chair in front of the French window, watching pedestrians and vehicles passing by the street and enjoying my breakfast. Is there anything better in the world than this? I am indeed a real hedonist.     I am also a member of the physiognomy association, especially for food, which requires good taste and color.. Once I saw a bunch of Huang Chengcheng and golden bananas hanging in a fruit stall, my heart felt itchy and I bought a lot of them at once..But a few days later, the banana, originally crescent – shaped, was covered with black spots, like a horrible corpse spot, and looked at my heart with hair. Although bananas are not bad in taste, they do not want to eat any more anyway.     After living for 19 years, I never cried out to lose weight. Life is too short to eat? When a second shipment does not make a second shipment again, it shows that he is unhappy. When a person eats food, whether he is happy or not, eating is the theme that will never change..     I hope the almighty Lord will help me escape from the internal heat in my unswerving pursuit of food.. I will dedicate chicken legs, dumplings, stewed noodles, covered water, boiled fish and mutton soup to the statue.