A note in a rucksack

In the past two years, I have traveled by train to several distant places, such as Jiangnan town, northeast plain, northwest frontier, and Liuzhou in lingnan in Huangmei season.. Seeing through the window whether it’s desert smoke or surging river water won’t make me move, because I’m on a business trip, to put it bluntly, I’m going to earn money. How can I be in the mood to enjoy the scenery outside the window?. Once there was a story about Ganlong’s private visit to the south of the Yangtze River in those days. He took one of his entourage to a small teahouse to drink tea. The store brought tea and Ganlong took a sip of it and asked if it was tea before the rain.? The store answered yes, casually asking Ganlong what he did, and Ganlong said he did business. Shopkeepers laughed and said that the businessman could not drink tea after the rain, because a word of money burned in his heart.     Now pick up those memories again, don’t have a taste. Due to work reasons, I will stay for a long time in every place, so I gradually get tired of the scenery there, only the scenery outside the train window is fresh, the river is flowing but gentle, and the desert is vigorous but full of endless loneliness.. The karst terrain in lingnan, the lush vegetation above the rocky mountains, seemed so mysterious at dusk, I even doubted whether the mountain was inhabited by elves..     I only stayed in Liuzhou for a few days, so I still felt wanting. I thought of the food there, and my mouth was still a little hot.. The beauty there is as gentle as the water of Liujiang River.     Memories always go through precipitation, impurities sink down and everything floating up is clear, beautiful and pure. So because they are too beautiful, I can’t go away. Even if I go to those places again, I will still see those beautiful scenes, but I can’t find the people who watched the scenery together at that time.. ‘ Carved hurdles should still exist, but Zhu Yan changed”, who knows how much the face of the dreamer has changed, maybe it is true” even if we meet, we should not know.”.     Another spring, maybe I should go to Daming Lake again. There will be lotus flowers in the lake, but how can lotus flowers bloom in rainy days?? So the word ” Yu He” is sad. Lotus will only ” reflect the sun and red”. Occasionally, one will be open in rainy days. What loneliness is it? So ” Yu He” is very rare and it will take a long time to wait.. The scenery by the lake is really beautiful, although it is only a short distance away. Although she doesn’t want to go with me any more, having’ Yu He’ company is enough to remember and miss it. I have already remembered it well. Maybe on a rainy day, I will hold an umbrella to see if there is another lotus in the lake waiting alone..