Battery lane

I like the name Battery Lane. Twenty years ago, I searched for shells here aimlessly. At that time, I was naive enough to believe that there must have been a war here, with the smell of smoke and scattered shells, and I stubbornly believed that Battery Lane must have something to do with war and smoke.. Almost every weekend, I couldn’t help wandering around Battery Lane in an attempt to find the so-called shells. Of course, this search lasted only four years, and I was sent back to my hometown by a dispatch document to start my real work and life.     Battery Lane is as prosperous and famous as Xifeng’s Rehabilitation Road, and as fascinating as ever.. This was the case twenty years ago and still twenty years later.     Twenty years ago, the only shopping mall in Xifeng, the big shopping mall, was located in Battery Lane. At that time, when it comes to the market, everyone knew to go to the big shopping mall and to fort lane. Norda’s market was shrouded under the steel supports on the top of the plastic cover. The market was divided into sections of cement counters, which were also numbered with red paint. The cement counters were divided into several business areas according to the category of the numbers, which appeared orderly.. At the edge of the four corners are two or three floors of one-sided buildings supported by red pillars, which are specially designed to open shops with everything in them. Of course, most of them are fashion shops. I remember my father brought me here when I was in the junior high school and bought me a black suit.. It was a suit with a split back and a semicircle front. It was full of feather gauze lining, heavy in hand and very stylish to wear on the body.. At that time, it was fifty yuan, and my father was happy when I tried it on him. He bought it without even paying the price. At that time, 50 yuan was our tuition fee for the school year, and I felt a little distressed about our allowance for two months.. I also complained secretly about my father, who is a farmer and eats with his strength. Why don’t you know how to hurt money?. Now that I think about it, how much my father loves me. He was frugal, hard-pressed on himself, and so generous to his children that he didn’t hurt money at all.. Alas, my father has been dead for eight years. I always feel guilty about my father’s loss when I think of it..     Twenty years is not a short period of time. How many twenty years does a person have in his life. Twenty years later, when I faced Battery Lane again, I really had a feeling of parting from’ Wu Yi Lane’. In the past 20 years, things have changed, only the prosperity of Battery Lane remains the same. Today’s battery lane is still so cramped and crowded, but its inherent prosperity cannot be changed. Battery Lane is a shopping paradise for ordinary people. The old shopping mall has long gone beyond recognition. The big plastic cover has been replaced by a wide’ South Asia’ indoor clothing mall.. The shops supported by the pillars have become full of beautiful things.. Today, the position of the former leader has long ceased to exist. In the past 20 years, how many shopping malls, malls, shopping malls and professional markets have sprung up in Xifeng, but no matter how prosperous they are, they cannot replace the existence of Battery Lane.. On the contrary, with the prosperity of Xifeng, Battery Lane has become more important and more closely related to the life of ordinary people..     Battery Lane consists of two slender lanes, one is the Third Courtyard Lane and the other is the Post Office Lane.. They are like the two small intestines from South Street, thin and tortuous. The post office lane is slightly wider, there are many stalls selling cheap books and antiques, and it has already formed quite a climate.. Now the price of books is too high. A book priced at dozens of yuan only needs to cost ten yuan or less, and a few typos in it will not hinder the big deal.. These booksellers are all connected with the big book market in Lanzhou, Xi ‘an. The types of books are very trendy, and there are many classic books in them.. As for those antique stalls, they are even better. Whether you buy them or not, whether you sell them or not, you can bend over and fondle them for a while. Not only will the owner not be angry, but he will also take the initiative to talk to you.. Although fake products and genuine ones are mixed up, there are also some things that can be appreciated from them.. In addition to these two stalls, there are also various grocery stalls, some of which can not be bought elsewhere and can be found as soon as they are found here. The Third Courtyard Lane is like a pair of scissors, extending two forks. One is centered on the inpatient department of the three hospitals, and the other leads to the outpatient department of the three hospitals. The area centered on the inpatient department is a paradise for cheap clothes. The price of clothes here is incredibly low, but it is also really the price. In addition to the numerous stores, there are various stalls. The stall here is so well set that even if you pick up a few pairs of socks, a few pairs of gloves and a few masks with a single pick rod, they will all be visited by people.. In places where lots are wide, vendors set up stands, and when walls are narrow, they nail long nails on the walls, pull some ropes, and put clothes on the ropes, and the business begins.. There is more fun, neither hanging a rope nor picking a pole, putting clothes on the shoulders and arms, tearing open the throat and shouting. The lane leading to the outpatient service of the third hospital is even narrower. The narrow lane can only pass through two parallel taxis. When there is a large number of people, traffic jams will always occur.. Most of the lots are food stores and tricycles selling fruits and vegetables. Don’t look at their narrow location, but the business is also surprisingly good. I heard that a bakery here serves baked cakes from several large restaurants in the city. More than 30 bags of flour are used a day. Imagine how many baked cakes it will cost. As for those breakfast shops and small hotels, not to mention business.     Battery Lane is just like this. It’s messy, it’s dirty, it holds, it’s crowded, but people can’t leave it..The common people will go to fort lane to buy some cheap things after a while, of course, they will not be cheated, but this is a few after all, and most of the time it is worth the money..