Book fragrance fills the room

Mom, where’s today’s newspaper? My daughter is reading the newspaper for me. However, I just got the news headline in my hand and saw only half of it. How can I give it to my daughter? I said, ” Wait a minute, Mom will finish reading it and give it to you.”. No, good mother, give it to me! I want to see.. Daughters are pleading with me. I don’t give it to her as a mother, is it a bit too domineering? I’ll have to promise you with my mouth full, ” Yes, here you are, but give it to me immediately after reading it, and it won’t fall into your father’s hands.”! ‘ I solemnly told her daughter said.     The daughter is watching and the husband is coming. Willow, give a newspaper and ask dad to have a look. ‘ the husband said in an unassailable tone. My daughter looked at my father and looked at me again. I did not give my father a wink, but the willow still gave him a picture in the majesty of his father.. I know that my daughter is a little afraid of my father, so she doesn’t dare disobey his orders under normal circumstances.     The husband and daughter watched the newspaper there with relish, while I sat there silently, waiting for their father and son to finish reading it quickly.     My daughter only picked out articles that she was interested in, so she finished reading them quickly. My husband finished reading them, so he wanted to bring the newspaper from his daughter’s hand, but I was impatient and grabbed it all at once.. The husband looked at me like this, so he had to spread out his hands and said helplessly, ” Come on, I don’t want to see it. Here you go, all right?”! ‘ I pretended not to hear it and read it grandly, so he had to look at the Yuncheng rhyme regulations I brought from home. My daughter didn’t have anything to do at this time. She said bored there, ” Mom, I have finished all my homework. What am I doing?”? Read a book! ‘ I don’t lift my head to answer her. ‘ but, I have read all the books you bought. ‘ The daughter said. ‘ then read it again! ‘ I said to her in a tone of command.     ‘ my mother ah! I have read all the books you bought ten times and eight times! There is no point in reading again! ‘ I think so, too. My daughter loves reading books. She sat there reading them for hours. These books are almost ruined by her. It’s time to buy her books.. Seeing how much her daughter wanted to read and wanted to think, she said, ” I’ll look for you and see if there are any books you haven’t read.”. As a result, I found a TV weekly with good articles on it. Look at it! I threw it to her, and she picked it up, sat there like a treasure, and read it carefully..     We all read there, but we forgot my little daughter who was still in kindergarten. She was looking at the little wisdom tree there, but she said to me, ” Mom, I read too.”! Look at that book with apples! ‘ I had to stop to find her a book with apples and find it for a long time before I found it. Then she pointed to a rainbow-shaped picture and said to me, ” Mom, read with me.”. The rainbow is curved like a biscuit. I followed her who couldn’t pronounce the words clearly: ” Rainbow is curved, like a biscuit.” Yes, you are wonderful.! My daughter praises me like her teacher praises her. Say that finish, she taught me’ one end is connected to the sea and the other end is connected to the mountains. I finished reading with my daughter again. she said, ” ok, read with me again.”. I was amused by my daughter’s lovely appearance. Looking up at the husband and the eldest daughter, they are all looking very fascinated with their heads down!     Suddenly I felt that the room was full of books and incense.