Childhood games

Children’s Day is coming again. It’s a happy festival for children. The flowers of the motherland are thriving and will become the pillars of the country in the future..     Looking back on our childhood, we are very happy and have a long aftertaste. The shadow of childhood games is still in our mind, and let’s see what our childhood was like.? Born in Guanyang from the 1970s to the 1980s, it is estimated that all of them played these games … Ah, at that time, my family was the most lively, and the neighbors next door liked to play in my family, playing hide and seek, on the windows, upstairs, behind the door, and under the bed was everyone’s hiding goal, which was a mess.. This is called water flushing ( water gun ). A small bamboo tube, like a syringe, can be made into a water gun. Wet it with waste paper, put it in a bamboo tube, and push it with a small hard stick. This is called a paper gun.. The old barrel of iron was used to smash a ring or a scrap iron ring to support a wooden stick, one end of which was made into a U – shape with iron wire, pushing the iron ring to chase after it, which was a face of sweat and brimming with innocent smiles.. You can also use a piece of wire to make a matchstick, which can ignite matches and make fun of it. With mud ball into a thin concave shape, whoever throws mud out of a big hole wins, this is called ” call”. Fold the paper into four corners, triangle, who knocked over the corner. Small stones are also the target of our play. A handful of small stones in our hands can be turned and turned in our hands to play many tricks.. The nails were all polished off and still felt happy and happy.     Also cut the used notebook into strips, tie it up with thread, and make it into a toy for kicking the swallow. The’ swallow’ can fly up and down on his feet, and can also conjure up many patterns, which is a great pleasure.. With straw can also be twisted into a rope, several small partners take turns skipping rope, and what Malan’s 21 – year – old children’s songs are still fresh in memory.. Find a split piece of wood, cut it and tie up a rubber band. This is a slingshot. The installation of small stones can aim at the target and exercise the eyesight.     The open space is also a paradise for us to play. Draw a figure on the ground. This is called a jumping dish ( jumping field ). Jumping around inside, you have to jump to get a pattern.. And this one is called ” deciphering ancient times”, a string thread weaves a pattern in its hand, and the other party unties it and turns it into another pattern. It also sings like this, ” deciphering ancient times, deciphering ancient times, and being poor for three years.”. And this one is called bucket chess. Can you play it? Get the opponent’s chess pieces to the most basic level, and whoever’s chess pieces will lose at the bottom.     In winter, we also used waste iron boxes to keep warm. Seeing that the charcoal fire was not very big, we tried to throw the iron boxes round and round. Soon the charcoal fire was spinning like a fire wheel.. The happy, simply forgot the cold. At school, we will gather in a corner of the classroom at the end of class time, and people will push hard into the classroom. This is called squeezing oil pan to suck up. That lively activity can lift the classroom up. A few friends also bent down to play the game of jumping sheep and leaped from their backs with a gentle leap.. At that time, there was no good condition, only these simple toys and games accompanied us through a happy childhood, but we had a happy and carefree childhood..