Counting the years and returning to the truth

The long years are full of flavor, quietly looking back on the deep meaning of meaning, saying that Sang Yu is late on earth and the sunset still speaks of Sang Ma.. In order to meet the needs of work, I often drive between the two places. Although there are few cars on the cold road, I dare not slacken my efforts and always warn myself not to follow one’s inclinations, let alone be free and easy.. I always concentrate on this time for fear of making any mistakes, but the habit of thinking formed by long-term busy work is difficult to change. Even in such an environment, my mind is not willing to let go, and I started a long tour, often sighing, entertaining, or snickering..     In my spare time at work, I can’t help recalling my difficult teenager and the unforgettable time I spent with my mother.. Because the dream of going to college was dashed at that time, there was always a little bad feeling in my heart that I couldn’t let go of.. Although the way to college was not too difficult at that time, there was far less competition than the present ten thousand people competing for a wooden bridge. Hate only God’s failure to give me this chance and make me realize my dream.. With mixed feelings, a military uniform has fulfilled my dream, and in the experience of military camp life, the heavy rain has tempered my mind.. After finishing his military career and changing jobs to other places, everything is back to the true colors of life. When I entered the coffee shop for the first time, I entered the teahouse for the first time – in the concentration of all tastes, there seemed to be some feelings and hopes of indescribable chemistry in my heart..     Today’s numerous students have very strange ideals. Some people are bent on getting to the capital just to fulfill a dream, but they don’t know that the heart load is too heavy and will always collapse.. In order to have a foothold in this congested city, they huddled in a pile of life with the slightest confidence that they would not retreat, and the ant tribe appeared.. Perhaps this is not a sorrow, just like a new hope for China’s development. They are pursuing and struggling selflessly, no longer willing to live in the pastoral life of their ancestors facing the loess, nor to spend the rest of their lives by the noisy machine. They only want to change their fate and rewrite their lives with knowledge.. In order to achieve good ideals and self – worth, they work hard and struggle tirelessly. They do not want to sink into reality any more, nor will they be content with the status quo and do not want to make progress.. Looking to China’s real society, you can’t see: Is the picture facing the loess back just a long-lost sight?? This reminds us that in the production team, a wheat harvest will last for half a month and an autumn harvest will last for forty or fifty days.. The harvest was not very rich, but the heart was very satisfied at that time. And now? The wheat harvest is only three or four days, and the autumn harvest is only six or seven days. Some large-scale combined machinery is carrying it, rewriting the history of the agrarian revolution, and the busy season can be completed within a few days.. In view of the increasing popularity of small urbanization and the narrowing of urban-rural differences, who cares about the so-called urban hukou today? Who cares?? More opportunities, more conditions to see the outside world, to see the economic benefits in their own hands, to see their present living standards and the enjoyment of spiritual and material aspects. These successful people come from their own efforts, struggles, struggles and pursuits.. Perhaps they are just some of the few people who enjoy a rich life, but who can deny the social value created by these seemingly insignificant people? Who can despise them for doing the foundation work and laying the developing road that are not valued by the world as always and willingly?? Laying a height that makes the world look up and attract the attention of the world? In today’s rapid development of society, who can deny that it is the small people at the grass-roots level of our society who have saved up their energy and straightened their backs and devoted themselves to it??     Outside the window, the sky was still overcast and the snowflakes scattered and scattered.. Seeing this scene, the numerous and complicated thoughts unconsciously recall those scattered days, recalling the red storm of that special era, the red guards on the streets, carrying bags and shouting slogans, often walking dozens of miles or even hundreds of miles to make big series. At that time, the almost crazy people nurtured by the political waves followed the trend of the times with a’ red heart’ loyal to the party and the people, knocking down what left and what right they fought back at once, and the political waves rose again and again without even waves, making people overwhelmed.. But now, social progress, material abundance, human feelings have also become indifferent, and the world wind that everyone cannot control the frost on others’ tiles by sweeping the door is spreading.. What time is this? It’s warm? It’s cold? It’s entertainment? It’s boring? Ren who also indescribable chemistry. I still remember the old picture: a fluffy hair, a black coat with flowers, a pair of cloth shoes with openings, a tea jar with mottled appearance, and an erhu with mournful singing … Ah, the crowd in a hurry, expressionless, or occasionally sarcastic and contemptuous squint, or blind and dazed.. It is true that the true face of the moon can be seen through a high-power telescope. For this reason, the Milky Way is no longer hazy and the universe is no longer far away.. However, the’ beggars’ are full of food and drink, their pockets are bulging and their brains are full of fat, but their mental level is poor, and there is no bright light on their mental drawing board, no brilliance, only dull colors such as brown, gray or black.. Can all this be seen with a high-power telescope? These may really be the deepest wounds at the bottom of society? Or really let the world chew on misfortune? alas! Everything is unknown to ordinary people!     After the past and the present, there are so many regrets. From yesterday’s hunger and cold to today’s abundance of food and clothing, from the former agricultural power to today’s industrial power, from a shortage of talents to today’s talent, from backward science and technology to today’s international leadership . Ah, throughout the whole process, I have never left the ant race’s struggle.. If there is another kind of voice, ” China is the world’s factory, we just need to develop the technology of this factory.”.As long as we maintain high-grade technology, China will always be our gold market. ‘ This is the voice of foreign entrepreneurs. Can we understand from it and learn from it, even though they are no longer political aggression, economic plunder, personal insult and spiritual oppression as they were in the semi-colonial and semi-feudal period of China.. However, their wishful thinking has always been to treat the Chinese people as cheap labor, to become their machines for making money and to be subservient to the realization of their golden dream..     Due to the increasingly intensified contradictions caused by the Diaoyu Islands issue, conscientious Chinese began to boycott Japanese goods, and as a result, the Japanese economy suffered a great impact. So, what does it mean behind this economic hit? Why did this happen? Have we ever seriously thought about it? Does it mean that our resources will be ruthlessly plundered when foreign capital enters in large quantities? The current cheap labor force will always be cheap? What about our comprehensive national strength? Ceng Zi said, ” I am from three provinces in my day.”. Personal reflection leads to spiritual sublimation. The reflection of the country has obtained the lubricant for progress and the source of unremitting power … Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Isn’t that far away? In fact, it’s not always true. It’s the responsibility of the world to forget the common man!     Suddenly it occurred to me that the ancients wanted high soil because of snow, beauty because of flowers, poetry because of wine, and music because of the moon.. Today, we are walking in the world of mortals, facing the crowds, high-rise buildings, the fashion of red men and green women, the colorful and enchanting world, what do we think about every day? What should we think? What are you doing?     The city of high-rise buildings of reinforced concrete structure, the industrial center where clouds and smoke curl up, can’t see the twilight of rising and falling, can’t appreciate the starry sky with deep and blurred stars blinking, only a piece of helpless gray. I remember the evening when the shoulder-load hoe returned home on the production team, the glow of the sunset, the unpredictable sunset cloud, and the thousands of light rays penetrating through the clouds staggered, arranged, rotated and replaced in an orderly manner.. Lift up your eyes and look up at the distant sky and white clouds. The gleaming golden light that is inlaid on the edge of the sky pours into the world like a flame, covering the landscape with a thin film of veils. It is like a fairyland in the middle of the night..     The burning years lost their meaning in the gloom. The sky, rivers, smoke and sunset were covered by nature, but the real feeling of’ sunset and lone kite Qi Fei, colchicine and sky are the same color’ could no longer be found.. Looking at the world from afar, one can no longer tell which is connected? Which is separation? Which is meeting? Which is harmony? The harmony and unity of color tone, simple and bright, meticulous and light spirit, erase all kinds of chaos and complexity, at the same time, also erase the blockage in people’s hearts, leaving open atmosphere and infinite reverie space..     Everything is like yesterday, everything is not yesterday. The rural areas in neighboring cities have been urbanized, rejected the mediocre life-long farmers who have been with the land for a while and become citizens, enjoying the city life from a high level and high consumption.. Therefore, in our landscape, there are more rickets back and deeper furrows and wrinkles.. To this, we also only helplessly sigh!