Jiing’s penalty station has stopped, and it is less than half a month since school.! As a father, I am no longer anxious to judge whether this is a good thing or a bad thing? Maybe it was Ji Nan who exercised my mind, or maybe I have seen punishment as a necessary stage in the process of Ji Nan’s growth..     After school, jiing lui secretly looked at me and seemed to have something in his heart, not careless as before, but carefully doing his homework as he liked. Usually this kind of situation, can’t act too quickly, impatient JiNan will certainly tell us. Sure enough, less than three minutes after I got home, jiing dawdled up to me and said hesitantly to me: because she didn’t sleep at noon, she was sent off by her teacher today!     Looking at the tense appearance of jiing nan, I managed to resist the desire to laugh easily. the scene seems to be like my reappearance 30 years ago! Are we descended from the same blood, even if we are punished for mistakes, we will be inherited?     Penalties sometimes are not necessarily bad things. Even bad things can guide children to learn from bad things. Learning lessons is a way to grow up. This is a good thing. Therefore, I am not unhappy with jiing’s punishment.     On the contrary, I am also very happy, because in the punishment, jiing lui has always maintained her sincere nature and won’t or won’t lie, even if we know that we may not be happy, even if we know that she may be punished again, we won’t lie. this is a pure and precious character. as parents, we can’t use simple and rude punishment to destroy her precious character..     To tell the truth, as a parent, I know very well the defects in my current character, and I have also been blaming myself. It is because of my excessive indulgence that I have a little lack of self-discipline in my character and a little willingness in my study. This is indeed something that I must strengthen at the beginning of school. The cultivation of custom is indeed more important than learning at this stage..     I’m glad that Jinan’s teacher is a responsible teacher and will not blindly follow the students. He can clearly see the problems existing in the students and can distinguish between them. Moreover, sometimes punishment for some destructive habits can let the children clearly know his own shortcomings and the direction to be improved..     Schools and families are the contractual parties of cooperation in nurturing children. The necessary communication is lubricant and effective guarantee. Even if students are successful, they are also deficient in character.. I feel that on this issue, I must get the same understanding and interaction with the teacher..     Call the teacher to thank her for her harshness to Ji Nan and tell her that the child told us about her punishment, hoping that Ji Nan can maintain this kind of honesty and good character.. At home, we will work together with the school to develop our current awareness of rules.     The teacher also told me sincerely that she had more autonomous behaviors and hoped to change her through these small punishments.! To my surprise, the teacher also told me that she is now in charge of their group, making her more contact with her classmates and making up for her character deficiency.!     The teacher is intentional, not only seeing the defects in her character, but also giving her targeted assistance.. I want to correctly realize the corrective effect of punishment, neither children nor parents will fear the severity of the punishment process, and this stage of small punishment is a good thing or a good thing to shape the character of a girl.!