Early autumn night

I don’t know if you have noticed that there are some people around you who like to walk in the night, just like Zhu Ziqing, walking in the moonlight of the lotus pond. In fact, these people who like to walk in the night all have another state of mind. They are looking for another kind of tranquility beyond worldly vanity, a pure land that can hold their hearts. This is a kind of artistic conception and a special artistic conception.!     I don’t know when, I also like the night sky. I like to walk under the moonlight and go for a wanton walk. No matter how far away I go or what I think, I walk like that with great relief and aimlessness.. In particular, I like the night sky full of stars, even if it is not covered by night, I will be very happy, because it is enough to have those stars to accompany me and watch the night sky quietly. I hope I can be a star in the sky and can live freely and peacefully, regardless of worldly things. This is not an escapist idea, but what I want to pursue is a peaceful and comfortable living environment, and I will not pay too much attention to or demand for reality in return..     The autumn in northern China is so light, so cool and so gentle. You always find that she has come to you by accident. Perhaps the cool breeze quietly pushed open the door of autumn and dispelled the scorching summer, bringing quiet coolness. After the hot summer night, you will feel that the autumn night is more poetic and meaningful. She is so quiet and doesn’t need flashiness and other things to decorate herself or to show off herself. She is very gentle and affectionate. In order to make the autumn night more charming, her arrival is showered with drizzle, not like that of North China..     Quietly pacing in the autumn night, watching every shining star in the night sky, you will feel they are a group of nifty children playing, playing wantonly, innocent, and can’t help recalling the beautiful memories of your childhood.. Walking in the bright moonlight, stepping on the country trail and other pastoral situations, you will temporarily forget the hustle and bustle of urban life, and the endless competition and confrontation will occasionally drop dew on your trouser legs. Through the wet trouser legs, you will never experience the coolness of dew from urban life.. Moonlight falls in uneven shadows among the wheat fields, just like shadow plays, which enjoy a lot of fun.! In addition to the above interest, what is more interesting is that the distinctive frogs in the water and the crickets in the field may be their frolicking, or they deliberately want to play the music of life for such a beautiful night. The wonderful sound cannot be played with an instrument. You can only enjoy it quietly, and you don’t want to go over to see if they are there, because you don’t want to destroy such a perfect picture painted by nature, vivid and poetic.. At this time, you may have forgotten where you are, or where you are going to be. In fact, those are no longer important. What is important is that you have already felt this kind of beauty, incomparable beauty, the most natural and unaffected, without any modification, carving, and natural beauty.!     This is the autumn night, the unique night, the most beautiful night!