Farewell mood

[ Original Text ]At some time, you made me smile, and you also made me smile helplessly.. Every time you casually ask me how thin I am, I regard it as a care and consideration.   My familiar colleagues, the sky is clear tonight, but they just can’t see the bright moon. I don’t know whether it is round or not.. The stars in the sky are also very few. This is the sky of Singapore. I love leaning against the window and looking at the starry sky silently thinking about my heart, so that the evening breeze gently blows my tired body and kisses my cheek. Always at this moment, the peace around you will evoke the sadness in your heart. Thoughts, with the breeze drifting without boundary. Looking at the shadows of the trees downstairs, the street was full of loneliness and loneliness.     The thought that I was leaving this family suddenly made me want to follow the style of those who left everyone and leave a blessing for you.. So, on this quiet night, I would like to write all my feelings between the lines so that I can have a good memory.. A few years later, when I open this essay again, I will surely float your pale faces in my mind.     I want to get off. I have pressed the doorbell and boarded another train at the opposite platform. Over the years, in the old train, I have been crossing the mountain and crossing the border with you. Although there are many people in different carriages with me, I will remember the name of this train as the customer service train..     I witnessed the change of government in this department and also changed several supervisors and colleagues. Some people chose to be in the same car with me, some people avoided me, some people would strike up a conversation with me when they saw me, and some people always brushed past me.. I attribute everything to fate. Even so, I felt disconsolate and disconsolate when I was about to get off the train after seven years on this train..     Along the way, the train passed through many rugged mountain roads. And I, working side by side with everyone, although the goals are different, they are not the same.. If you ask me what was my greatest harvest on this train, I think it should be some unforgettable friendship and a painful lesson?     Life is connected by different post stations. At each stop, someone will get on the bus and someone will get off the bus. Sometimes, we can say goodbye with tears, sometimes, but we can’t even say goodbye. We can only look at each other’s back and fade away in each other’s life.. Today, I quietly left the family without saying goodbye to anyone, because we will move in the same direction. When you look out of the car, you may find that I also look at you in the same way, thinking about our past.     Today, even if I really get off the bus and take the train in the opposite direction, it doesn’t mean we’ll never see each other again. I believe our life train will always cross over at some post station. Perhaps fate will make us get off the bus again, go to the same platform, take the same train and start a new journey.. At that time, maybe you and I will be in the same car, even sitting next to each other.     I would like to take this short passage to pay tribute to you all. I feel ashamed and respected for your patience and hard work for your customers.. No one can replace your professionalism.     At the same time, I am grateful to those who have cooperated with me. No matter how I do things differently from you, despite my seriousness, you have spared no effort to help me do every job well.. I have my persistence, you have your persistence, but it is precious that we can compromise calmly and reach a satisfactory agreement between both sides.. Without you, I wouldn’t have done everything so easily.     Cloud impermanence, wind direction, life is not unpredictable? The month, also has the round shortage, the day, still has the rain or shine, but the perceptual me always shows his inner world on his face, inevitably will inadvertently offend some people. Gratitude may be my greatest strength, but sensibility must be my greatest weakness. Here, I also want to apologize to you deeply. Please forgive me for any offence.     Is the so-called wine meets bosom friend thousand cups less, not speculation more than half a sentence. So I chose to keep silent and sit tight for a lot of time and show my knowing smile only after I know someone..     I must mention some names. Because these people are sitting very close to me on this train. It was you who painted my train with bright colors, making me feel bright sunshine and gentle moonlight..     Technical cooperation, you are my best’ brother’.Your humor is something I have always missed. I remember that we had been fooling around together and the tears of joy spilled out of the corners of our eyes.. When we encounter any unpleasant events, we always go to each other’s desks and complain to each other head to head. Occasionally whispering gossip. In the vast sea of people, meeting you is a blessing that I learned from my previous life.     One, although you also got off the bus, when it comes to this train, you have to be mentioned.. You are my best neighbor and my best friend. We used to talk to each other all over the world, talking too much and often forgetting the time.. Your perseverance is something I admire very much. It is an honor for me to sit with you and become a confidant in this life..     Lies. Similarly, you are an indispensable character on this train. You are my good assistant and a good partner. When I am so busy, you will always lend your help and help me through every difficulty. Our laughter rang through every corner of the office.     H1, you are my best assistant. Although I have only been working with you for two months, I appreciate your ability and attitude. Your work in hot pillow is something I admire very much.. I knew you had some misunderstanding about me, so I was a little afraid to face me. Fortunately, we did not have any conflicts. If decree by destiny, I would like to cooperate with you again.     C1, We didn’t have much time to cooperate. Only during the period of the Process Improvement Committee did we have a little contact with each other at work.. In addition, it is under the mango tree, under the bright sun, to say nonsense words with you at random.. You always love to put your cold hand on my cheek, my neck, tease me and play with me. But that kind of cold, why do you feel a little warm?     Manganese, your new department assistant, why are you always so kind and easy – going? Because you believe in human love? Or have you never been bothered? Thank you for taking care of the ecological economics group during this short period of time. Thank you also for working hard with our whole team after work without complaining.. I will not forget the laughter you brought us in Batam, nor will I forget your kindness to me.     Finally, of course, it’s the chest, my boss. I dare not say you are the best boss. But when I was in a state of despair, you gave me the private space I needed to wake up. This is something I am very grateful for. How many times have I come to your office with full of resentment, and you will try your best to listen to my resentment.. I’m really sorry for the delay.     Oh, forget my new neighbor S1. I don’t know what kind of person you are. Politely, I have to mention you? Hee hee… ( joking ). God didn’t give me a chance to know you deeper, nor did he give me a chance to blame the company with you. This is our temporary fate. However, after talking to you several times, I always think you should be approachable, although you always have a haughty look on your face.. It is only when one truly understands a person that one can understand the truth of the sentence that all appearances are not gold..     The rest of you, at some point, have made me smile and have also made me smile helplessly.. Every time you casually ask me how thin I am, I regard it as a care and consideration. I am convinced that my face is sometimes darker than Bao Gong’s face and stinks more than cow dung. But please believe me, I am not so difficult to understand.     Sending you thousands of miles must be a parting letter, not to mention a parting letter.To the end, let me offer my deep blessing and sincere awe here. You are a great customer service! Let me pay tribute to you again . Ah, if I need my help one day, whether public or private, I will do whatever I can.. Even though I dare not say that I will insert a knife into both sides of your body or pour a fire into the soup, I will do everything I can..     In the night, the deep is a rustle, and the wind is soft and intoxicating.. You, who are serious about customer service, are so persistent and touching. you guys are the best!     Goodbye . Ah