Happiness is up to you

In life, nine times out of ten people are unhappy. Life sometimes forces you to swallow bitter wine, taste bitter, spicy and sour enough, and even suffer from it.. Sometimes nameless troubles occupy your mind somehow. So how to save oneself from psychological difficulties, make oneself have a healthy body and mind, and win a successful life??     There is a story about a couple who are both office workers, teaching in school and doing housework in addition to preparing their homework every day.. One day, the wife prepared papers and materials for her husband. The husband was busy helping his wife mop the floor, sweating profusely and working very hard.. The wife looked in the eyes, bowed her head and whispered softly to comfort her husband, saying, ” Dear, how rich our family is, you have a female secretary and I have a male servant.”. For this reason, the couple were too happy to close their mouths. The reason is so simple, life is the same, it depends on what you think, from different angles and with different mentality to see the problem, our psychological feeling and the effect of doing things will be completely different..     Happiness is not the patent of the rich, but a state of mind and a spiritual experience shared by people.. So, as long as anyone gets out of the dilemma of worrying about food and clothing all day, there is always infinite fun and vitality in life.. So, for each and every one of us, whether you are happy or not depends on whether you are good at creating and developing happiness.     Happiness is a beautiful flower watered by indifferent pure heart, elegant cultural accomplishment and unrestrained passion for life. Only if you can enjoy the natural pleasure of life and live a simple, easy, indifferent and frank life, can you add more warmth and color to your life and you will have many and many joys..     Happiness is up to you. Because the feeling comes from the mentality, not in any appearance of all kinds of color bearing, not under the rank standard of wealth and meanness. Maybe we won’t be Bill in this life? Gates, Li Ka – shing and other rich people won’t have Diana’s fame, but we can be a small accomplished artist, a loving mother or father, a doctor to heal the wounded and rescue the dying, or at least a child to build castles in sand in childhood.. As long as we are full of love, sincere dedication, hard work and small successes, we will become the happiest people in the world..     Happiness is really determined by one’s own state of mind. We can be a little artist, a little educator, a good father and mother, and a son and daughter at the same time.. With our love, sincere dedication, filial piety to parents and child-rearing to work earnestly, you and I will have a harvest and a success in the near future.. Then, we will also get happiness from it.     I appreciate this sentence very much, that is,’ think of yourself as someone else, think of others as yourself. Think of others as others, think of yourself as yourself. ‘ When suffering setbacks and humiliations, if you think of yourself as someone else, you can stay out of it, and your unhappiness will naturally be alleviated; If you think of yourself as someone else, you won’t get carried away by success when you become famous and achieve success.. When I think of others as myself, I associate with others and put myself in the shoes of others when something happens. What will I think and what should I do when it comes to my own head? First, I should show more sympathy to others and give more help..     When treating others as others, don’t be self – righteous, learn to respect others, and never neglect others or force others to do what they want.. How to do it is the freedom of others, and you have no right to interfere. When you think of yourself as yourself, you have to assume your responsibilities. When you think of yourself as someone else, you have to look at yourself from someone else’s perspective, so that you won’t be self-enclosed and self – bound.. This shows that happiness is to do what you can. If there are too many attachments, it will not be easy to enjoy happiness. It can be said that too many fetters have closed our eyes to find happiness. Happiness is not only self – directed, but also can infect the environment and infect others. Happy people are more acceptable to society and more likely to establish harmonious interpersonal relationships.     Many people mistakenly assume that celebrities have no worries. In other words, successful people will be happier. In fact, happiness has nothing to do with money, nothing to do with success, only depends on a healthy and upward mind, i.e. optimism, progress and tolerance.     Optimism and cheerfulness make you happy. We often live in an unstable state of mind and environment. Because of the instability, our words and deeds in life are very unstable, resulting in a lack of peace and joy between ourselves and others.. How can we not be happy if we can read before and after, if there is no conflict between the past and the present, if we can get along with others and care for each other?? We get along with people, the most unpleasant thing is that our heart is not cheerful. Not being cheerful, or’ locked – in’, is to separate yourself from others and refuse to communicate. The reason for the lockout is to protect oneself and seek its own safety, so as to avoid loss and injury when communicating with others.. But the more locked up, the more unable to communicate with people, and the greater the loss to oneself. Only an open mind can make both sides happy and smooth..     The heart of gain and loss should not be too heavy. There is really nothing painful in life. If we can be our masters, whether we have money or not, we should live happily.. If you ask me, what is the purpose of life?I think the first is to make myself happy, and the second is to make others happy as well.. How to make yourself happy? The key is not to be too heavy-hearted about gains and losses. If you can get what you can, you will have to get what you can’t, and don’t care too much about other people’s ideas. If you turn other people’s values into your own, it is a very painful thing to do.. As for how to make others happy? I think the material happiness is only temporary, and the spiritual happiness will be real and lasting.. If we can make ourselves happy and others happy, then everyone is living in paradise on earth and the pure land on earth can be achieved..     Relax and be happy. When you are not happy, you should remind yourself of’ I want to relax’, immediately leave the uncomfortable and unpleasant reaction and tell yourself’ if you come, be safe’. If you want to make yourself happy, you must adjust your ideas and transfer your current thoughts to the method, which is’ relax’. Put down your thoughts, relax your body, relax your mood, relax again and again, your mood will be happy and your spirit will be clear.. Want to know, no burden is the most comfortable thing.     Control desire and enjoy happiness. Many people base their happiness on material enjoyment or functional stimulation. In fact, the greatest happiness should come from the peace, joy and satisfaction of life. Satisfaction is not functional satisfaction, but does not feel empty, anxious or helpless psychologically.     Because many people don’t know what life should depend on, they try very hard to find stimulation and spend excessively in order to find stimulation.. In material terms, I saw others have good clothes, good cars and good houses, so I also wanted them and hoped they would be better than others. If self-worth is not based on peace of mind, but starts from a feeling of arrogance, selfishness or helplessness, hoping to get some satisfaction from enjoyment or material anesthesia, it will be unhealthy psychology.     Therefore, we should advocate environmental protection for the soul. Only when the soul is not poor can we feel truly satisfied and live happily even if the living conditions are poor..