Catch up with China: 4 large economic differences between India and China | India | GDP | Economic Transformation

  3.Economic biggest difference between China and India's economic structure is perhaps the economic structure。 China's economic slowdown is mainly due to the service and consumer economies in transition from an export-driven manufacturing and infrastructure investment。
In contrast, India would have been services and consumer-driven economy, the goal is to expand infrastructure spending and increase manufacturing output。
  China's economic transformation has caused equal shares of manufacturing and services sector, the service sector accounted for 48% GDP, the manufacturing sector accounted for 43 percent (the rest is agricultural)。
In contrast, India's services sector accounted for 23% of GDP higher than the manufacturing sector, 53% and 30% respectively。   This makes India the basic impact of the global and China's manufacturing industry slowed to isolate, also shows a different pattern of growth in India and China, are more likely to achieve high value-added growth。   4.Schwab believes the risk profile, the biggest risk China mainly from products made in China's dependence on global demand, while the Chinese response to the financial crisis, weak external demand have accumulated huge debts。
  In contrast, India's biggest risk mainly from internal。 India's economy is more dependent on domestic consumer spending rather than exports, reducing the trade deficit in oil prices caused by Indian consumers。
This means that India is now the biggest risk may be the weather, the World Bank estimates that 47 per cent of India's employment in the agricultural sector。
India has two consecutive years of drought appears, continue to appear bad weather could mean reducing employment and income, thereby inhibiting the growth of consumer spending。
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