How far can our love go

‘ I love you, I will give you happiness.” When the thundering salute rings, the two of them will say goodbye to the long-distance running of love. From then on, they will join hands in this life and walk into the palace of marriage. The dazzling light on the ring finger will be sworn, this life, we will never leave.. – Inscription” Is it there? I miss you ” QQ head flashing desperately, is a good friend, I hurriedly put down the job at hand.   She is a close friend of my high school, beautiful and charming in touch, gentle and kind in character, and has always had nothing to talk about with me. Later, the universities separated from each other, although only occasionally contacting each other, she kept thinking and thinking about each other in her heart..   ‘ quarrel with her husband? Well, not the kui is a good friend, just a guess. ” ” ” ”… We had a long talk between screens.   Marriage, from the beginning of the moment, said goodbye to love. It is no longer a world of two people. It is a combination of two families. With parents, with life, with daily necessities, there will be knock-offs and trivialities. From then on, there will be no sweetness and no passion.. Love was once a romantic and beautiful word. From then on, it has gradually moved away from life and has been deeply worried by life’s polishing.. The two sides have fallen into a new round of contradictions, quarrels and even silence.. Do we still have love in our lives? Is our marriage beginning to itch? How far can our love go?   ‘ I think I have paid too much for this family, but he thinks I should.” All conflicts begin with children, children, the crystallization of love, the fruit of romantic love, the continuation of two people’s blood, which means that the love between two people has traveled a long distance from now on, with one more responsibility and one more tie.. The day he was born brought infinite vitality and joy to the family. However, a series of contradictions also ensued.   I feel very tired now, the unit is very busy every day, and I have to take care of the children when I go home. He doesn’t help me, but he still thinks I complain.” I know, I understand you, you are tired, and you are wronged, not only because you did your work, but also because he doesn’t understand you and don’t understand you.. ‘ I’m comforting her, the in the mind a Chen pantothenic acid.   Is there anyone who knows a woman better than a woman? For women, home is the harbor of life, home is the nest of love, and home is a woman’s day. Women can give her everything for the sake of the family, that is, to have children, to work and earn money, and to have heavy housework, which drags down women’s exhaustion and makes them lose their self, passion for life and confidence in the family.. Gradually began to complain, began to injustice, she hopes to get her husband’s comfort, understanding and help, even in a word, even if it is only a’ wife, you rest, I’ll do’ in fact, only one word is enough, a man’s sweet words are enough to make a woman work hard, you don’t help her, she will complain, you help her, she will love you, this is a woman, and forever is an emotional and tangled animal..   But men are different. Few men say sweet words to their married wife again. Men believe that if they give a woman marriage, they will be responsible for her and will give her happiness. Men are under pressure to make money, support their families and socialize. The family’s burden is on their shoulders, making them physically and mentally exhausted. They need to be comforted and understood by their wife, hoping to have a strong backing support and return home, hoping to see her smile, not to hear complaints and not to hear nagging.. A warm home and a warm smile from his wife will make them willing to give everything.   Nietzsche once said, ” The same passion has different rhythms in both sexes, so men and women constantly misunderstand.”. A happy marriage becomes cold, anxious, less happy and more distant from love in the course of fighting each other..   Men always like to use silence to deal with women and silence to avoid women’s nagging, while women are afraid of silence and the cold war. In fact, no woman likes to be a dissatisfied woman, just because she can’t get comfort from men and can’t get understanding from men.. In a state of imbalance in their hearts, let them become more and more aggrieved and become mad. In men’s eyes, they become unreasonable and misunderstanding more and more. Both of them are deadlocked. In a state of mutual anxiety, communication will also become another point of intensification of contradictions. Thus, the relationship will break down and the marriage will come to an end..   I won’t advise or advise anyone. I can only be a listener to comfort her and understand her. I know, in fact, the contradiction in marriage still needs two people to face it together. outsiders can’t help anything. however, when people are most aggrieved, they just want to talk to someone, and when grievances are exhausted, their hearts will be refreshed.. I am willing to listen. I don’t want to let their feelings break up. The long-distance love run that lasted for several years will have to erase many fetters and conquer many difficulties before it can go to today. It can’t be just like this..   I told her to consult with her husband and ask for a nanny to help with some housework so that she could have time to relieve herself. Family is important, but she can’t be wronged. Only by living out herself can she have confidence in life and love.. Only when women live a positive and optimistic life can men have the confidence to give everything. After talking with me, my friend got some relief. I hope she will be happy and she will find happiness again..   The day’s work was finally finished, some tired, some tired, got up and looked out of the window, some melancholy in my heart. It was getting late, the street lights were dim and drizzly, and busy people were rushing along the street. They were stepping up their pace, wrapping up their bellies and heading home. The towering buildings lit up bright lights. I believe it was the call of love, it was the waiting of love, wasn’t it? Because of love, we have hope, because of love, we have a tired harbor.   Postscript: In fact, if a man can be more tolerant, more understanding, more sweet and less silent in marriage. Women can have more tenderness, more smiles, more understanding and less complaints. Do not run away from problems encountered by both sides, do not be silent, face together and actively think of ways to solve them. I believe our love will go further and further..