I want life in full bloom

The four words’ Rejuvenate Youth’ have been called thousands of times in my heart four years ago, but I don’t have the courage and courage of He Dong to take that difficult first step. Until now, I still live the same life as I have lived since I was in my 40s!     What is my youth? Today I am so vacant and helpless, what kind of life do I want? Is life what I want now? No, what can I do? How much is left of my youth? How can I go on without hitting the clock… Millions of question marks surfaced in my brain overnight and caught me off guard. I began to lose sleep and began to re-examine my current life: now I am content with the status quo and live a life I don’t want to live in the future. I began to rely on, attach to and drift with the current. I lost the impulse of burning. What I gained over the years was only such decadence and helplessness.! Just like the singing in the existing regulations” I walk, but I am stuck in the same place; I live, but I die. I don’t know where I should go or what life has become. ”.     I should find an excuse for my continued existence? Or should I find a reason to break free from the cage and move forward bravely? Indecisive I took a chicken ribs so hard to refuse. It’s not me, it’s not me who was full of ambition. Time has worn away the edges and corners of my body, leaving me without the passion of youth, without the impulse of burning, with only a trace of self – esteem.. Is this life? It rounded me up just to make me go further! The mood of wandering, tangled, depressed, eager, hesitating and abandoning is complicated.     I want to find my own direction, and I want to light up my dream that has been put out again. I want to find myself, to climb up again where I fell, and to repair the broken wings that have been flying again many times.!