10 kinds of breakfast for office workers, every minute to get!

10 kinds of breakfast for office workers, every minute to get!Click on the top blue book passed the word love love the energy, make you more at ease in the emotional world!Reply keyword [Love], a book to read it together!  Radish breakfast bread ingredients 300 grams of flour, 2 eggs, 300 grams of white radish oil, salt, onion, red pepper, pepper Step 1, rubbed into the wire carrot, onion and diced ham 2, radish rubbed into the wire to enlarge bowl, collidine and the ham 3 onion, red pepper was added 4-butoxy Add flour and mix well, into an egg, add salt, pepper and the amount of water added mix 5, heated baking pan, a spoonful , the cake baked cooked cream scoop into.  Poached eggs, a food, water, soy sauce, sesame oil, black sesame step 1, the amount of water boiled, boiled to the boiling yet when that fish eyes water when.  2, egg, into the bowl.  3, the eggs into the bowl.  4, a small fire and cook for about 2-3 minutes, to 89 mature eggs.  5, the dish into the dish.  6, one o’clock topped with soy sauce, sesame oil, black sesame sprinkle.  Eggs, rice pancake ingredients leftover rice bowl, 2 eggs, pepper, salt, chopped green onion Step 1, prepare a bowl of leftover rice, beaten eggs.  2, in the rice into the eggs, stir.  3, addition of salt, pepper, onion, carrot tablets may be increased further, onion and the like according to their own tastes.  4, pan put a little oil, the rice into the pot over low heat, fry until slightly brown on both sides to.  Crisp fried ingredients 400 g flour, 60 g soybean oil yeast 3G, Step 1 an appropriate amount of water, flour and yeast and water into the dough, proofing.  2, put the oil pan, into the flour to make pastry.  3, roll dough into a cake wake, coated on the pastry dough, rolled, and cut into the roll surface segments.  As shown, the surface of the small volume of oil spotting surface 4, and inwardly turned ends.  5, and then roll into small embryo cake dough roll, brush oil on both sides of cake.  6. Preheat the oven, and bake for about 15-20 minutes the middle.  200 g egg soup vegetables ingredients noodles, vegetables 50 g, 1 egg, oil, salt, garlic, onions, chicken, soy sauce Step 1, to prepare materials.  2, pot heat oil, fry a small fire poached egg.  3, poached Jian Hao Sheng.  4, the base oil pot, the amount of water into the garlic until fragrant.  5, the water boiled noodles into.  6, cook until soft noodles until cooked, add salt and chicken seasoning, you can put a little soy sauce, you can also play the role of mention fresh.  7, finally adding vegetables, you can eat open after a while, do not forget to add eggs, oh.  Deft nutritional ingredients milk sandwich toast sheet 2, an egg, a tomato salad vegetables 10g, the oil amount, amount of salt Step 1, salad vegetables, tomatoes and other cleaning materials Gather.  2, cut to a sheet with tomatoes kitchen knife.  3, the pot was added a small amount of olive oil into an egg, sprinkle black pepper, salt, cooked in the fire.  As shown in FIG 4, the sheet milk toast oven baked yellow surface 2, are sequentially superposed on tomato slices, cheese slice, lettuce, egg between two slices of bread, for the second half to cut.  Orange fragrant ingredients toast bread pudding 300 grams, 50 grams of egg, 100 ml of milk sugar 20G, candied orange peel in step 1, all materials ready.  2, the square block toast thick strip cut point.  3, neatly placed in the dish.  4, a uniform beat egg with chopsticks.  5, add milk, stir well.  6, the pudding was filtered twice.  As shown in FIG 7, the pudding was poured on top toast.  8, candied orange peel layer sprinkle.  9, put in the oven 180 degrees bake 25 minutes, plus put under a baking pan filled with hot water inside plus.  10, the surface of the furnace may also be topped with a little honey.  When 100g, 4 eggs, plain flour 100 g oil, salt, potato 1 Step 1, 100 g oatmeal pancake coil wire potato ingredients oatmeal, 100 grams of plain flour, 4 eggs, the amount of water, a small amount of salt mixed together.  2, stir, oats become a batter.spare.  3. Wash the potatoes rub into the wire, on the water soaked moment.  4, the pot into the amount of salad oil, add onion ginger soy pan.  5. Stir the fragrance into the potato silk.  6, add some vinegar.  7, and salt, stir evenly fires.  8, into a small amount of salad oil pan.  9, oatmeal batter into.  10, a small fire fry until golden brown on both sides.  11, can be rubbed in Bannock point your favorite sauce or something, you can not wipe, roll the potatoes directly on the wire.  Fat curd made within 50 grams of soy dry ingredients, water 400 ml, 3-lactone.5 grams of seafood sauce, parsley, pepper line cakes Step 1, the dried beans soak more than ten hours, water several times want to change summer.  2, soaked soybeans are about three times the weight of the dry beans.  3, the soaked beans into the grinder Lane.Add water grind milk.  4, will wear a good milk was poured on a sieve covered with gauze, the milk filter.  5, the fat is diluted with a little cold water.  6, two minutes holding boiled milk.  7, turn off the heat and the temperature dropped to 80-90 degrees soybean milk was poured into water tank, and from top to bottom with a spoon constantly turn absorbed.  8, close the lid, keeping the temperature, fifteen minutes after solidification Serve.  9, the curd into small bowl Sheng.  10, pour Shanghai fresh soy sauce, finely chopped parsley.Join crispy chili can be eaten.Here is a selection of public numbers for everyone, we will regularly selected for you more quality public number, your wonderful life!  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