A bowl of warm soup every day is not the same

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Tomato fish soup Monday  ?Ingredients: tomatoes, grass carp  ?Accessories: oil, ginger, garlic  ?Practice: 1.Grass carp to the black film, washed, cut into a sheet thickness of a coin 2.Add salt, pepper, starch grasp uniform.Drizzle a little salad oil, then mix 3.Wash tomatoes, breaking into small pieces.I have not peeled, subcutaneous highest lycopene content, if you do not like it you can skin removed 4.Under the pot a little oil with garlic stir incense five small torch.Turn the fire, pour tomato 6.Stir marked the tomatoes.Pour water and cook a few minutes, a small fire.Add ginger.(Fish is very fresh, garlic and ginger and do not put) 7.The fish, a sheet does not overlap into.Fish change color, curly, salt, chopped green onion and serve carrot stew lamb chops Tuesday  ?Ingredients: lamb chops  ?Accessories: carrot, green onion, ginger, green onions  ?Practice: 1.The lamb chops (sheep rib meat) washed, cut into 2 Cunduan.1 hour into 清水中浸泡.(Middle changing the water 2-3 times) 3.Drain lamb chops, into the boiling pot boil for a short iron to the floating foam, remove 4.Carrots washed, peeled, cut hob five.Set the fire pan Heat a little oil down into the lamb chops a little stir a few 6.Pour enough water, add light blue, ginger, a little wine, fire boil 7.Go casserole, simmer for half an hour 8.Lamb Shulan into carrot, continue to simmer salt 9.Until the sheep meat off the bone ribs, sprinkle with chives flowers to boiled beef Wednesday?Ingredients: beef tenderloin, bean sprouts, lettuce round?Accessories: pepper, pepper vine, egg white, ginger, garlic, bean paste, salt, soy sauce, pepper, allspice?Practice: 1.A piece of beef tenderloin fridge freezer 2 hours.The hard beef fillet will be more convenient to speak very thin.Beef thinner the cut, the shorter the cooking time, the more tender beef taste!  2.Sliced beef was added a spoonful of salt, 2 tablespoons soy sauce, 1 egg white, pepper and allspice grasping mix evenly pickled 30 minutes.  3.Round lettuce and fried bean sprouts in boiling water in the bowl standby plated.Round lettuce boiling water, blanch half a minute to remove.  4.Open a small fire, the pot tightly oil, pepper and saute slowly pepper vine!  5.Then the pepper vine pepper chopped with a knife and spare.  6.Guo Lifang oil, a small fire fried bean paste, ginger, and garlic, a small fire slowly fry for about 2 minutes. Stir flavor.  7.Adding an appropriate amount of water to boil.No need to add salt when soup, marinated beef, because the time has added salt, bean paste is also salty!  8.After the end of material poured into the boil beef, the meat with chopsticks clawed do not stack together, the fire quickly let the pot boiling again!The cooked beef broth and pour the cooked vegetables together in the above!  9.Late into the chopped pepper and pepper vine after the bottom of the pot came alive again in a little vegetable oil and hot red pepper!  10.Sprinkle in a little onion cooked meat section, the Heat oil and pepper vine pepper red pepper poured on top can be friends!  Red bean barley soup Thursday spine?Ingredients: pork spine, red beans, barley, corn?Accessories: onion, ginger, cooking wine, salt?Practice: 1.Red bean and barley soaked in water for three hours before 2.Alternate materials 3.Wash the ribs, cold water pot boiled, remove and wash with warm water 4.Into the red beans, barley, pork, onion, ginger, cooking wine casserole, pour some hot water.With the fire to boil, skim foam.Then cook over low heat for about 20 minutes to open 5.Add corn segment, then stir boiling for 20 minutes 6.Pick spring onion, seasoning with salt.Hot warm, meaty Tang Xian, delicious!Five tofu pot Friday?Ingredients: tofu, tofu, tofu puffs, yuba, yuba?Accessories: shrimp, squid, quail egg, white mushrooms, black fungus, carrot?Practice: 1.Ready to feed, the dried bean, black fungus soaked; thick slices tofu, tofu, yuba cut, sliced carrots.2.Tofu cut into thick slices, placed in the frying pan, fry until golden on both sides.3.Sliced squid, shrimp and mud to pick intestines, squid, shrimp with boiling water burns.4.Heat oil in wok, blasting shallot, ginger.5.Add broth, wine boil.6.Squid, shrimp, tofu, tofu, yuba, white mushrooms, tofu puffs, yuba into the casserole, pour boiling soup, salt, soy sauce, oyster sauce seasoning.7.Then add the carrots, black mushrooms, quail eggs, simmer 20 minutes to hook less.Beauty chicken feet soup Saturday?Ingredients: chicken feet  ?Accessories: mushrooms, Chinese wolfberry, ginger, pepper  ?Practice: 1.Ready chicken, mushrooms, Chinese wolfberry, ginger 2.Mushrooms washed with water bubble 3.Paisui water was added and a few grains of pepper and ginger 4.Pour clean water after the open chicken, boiled to the bloody and floating foam, remove and wash again 5.Bubble mushrooms casserole was added water (not enough to add the amount of water), poured into a chicken, ginger into two, a scallion 6.Close the lid, open water after 20 minutes to burn small fire switch 7.Remove scallion, mushrooms and good bubble added wolfberry continued for another half hour to burn 8.And add a little salt, then boil for 3 minutes.  Bamboo shoots trotters soup Sunday?Ingredients: trotters, bacon, bamboo shoots  ?Accessories: cooking wine, salt, onion, ginger  ?Practice: 1.Trotters processing clean boiled water and cured with 2.After the water boiled bamboo shoots are also sections 3.Automatic pot before adding cooking wine, ginger, scallion, then put trotters and bacon 4.Adding an appropriate amount of water 5.Select (soup.Bone soup) function, automatic cooking program execution 6.After the boil, continue to simmer added bamboo shoots film 7.And so on more than half the time, add a little salt to taste 8.Time to, bamboo shoots trotters soup is completed (this article from the network belongs to original author)