Achievements of others is our own achievements

Achievements of others is our own achievements at a very early time, I’ve been thinking about this world we have to go straight ahead.I know how to back up, to move forward.But we are to accomplish others.Because the achievements of others at the same time, we easier for our own accomplishments. Most simply, this is the best, most direct route.Because this way is a win-win or even win-win situation. Yesterday, playing with friends, he used to be from Ali came, who at the time ran the business has done very well before, and now they do also done very well.He said, see clients, especially the first time I saw, be sure to take a small gift, a very high turnover rate. Every time I go out also will be a little small things, but also to listen to his words and understand a few years ago, but I’m too big because a friend said it was a kind of pay, because we want others to delay time. Even if a business is not made to last, but also friends.So he has a lot of friends. He said that we are the achievements of others, they will be what we.We want to do something like this mentality. Behind these words, in the beginning I did not understand clearly, but I understand it more clearly gifts. I will also share with others, so when coming Mid-Autumn Festival, a gift copy them to send two, when people go to the company, nor is it to buy fruit three five.Dozens of pieces each time, never lose, always is?Fold return. Speaking of this, in fact, the group we have always been doing things like this. We are talking about Ali Wang Pu, when talking about Taobao, we think of myself as the first point is the customer.A complete fool of white customers.We own this into our shop, we see this is not going to buy. I will buy, ask any questions, do not buy, and what problems exist, why buy, what can help others. So, every word, every description, we are very carefully. For example, a few days to logistics, buy our stuff, how to do in case of bad.And so on, every detail for customers to consider thoughtful.For example, recruit agents, agents how to do, how to make money, how to promote, you need a few hours a day.Has. So every time the guests will see our intentions like this.In fact, look at the group we are aware of the log. Not write, basically write every day, to win, will be written, write a long, deep to win. In fact, in the final analysis a word, the real people to help customers buy products, what really want to do are to make money. We all know that the essence of business is to help customers solve problems. Because he has a lot of customer demand, is not a solution, but they will do very tired.It really is to help them, they became our own will become.And this fact is not difficult, as long as our heart is enough. Under this friend said above, the back of his resignation came out, what do.Do hosting. Because he used to be sold integrity, and see a lot of customers really do not know to take care of, so I came out to help people hosting. He also really helped customers solve problems, a lot of people did not say anything to him directly hosting. But he’s really doing well. In fact, think of him, I thought of our village have a personal.I used this in writing also has appeared.Is a high school girl, then fell in love with his classmate.But the family was poor, the girls did not read the university came out. Why, because you want to make money, so that his boyfriend reading, back then, her boyfriend to study, many of her money. The village people are talking about, she’s really lucky.To marry a student. But I did not expect, not behind things like this.Behind the students with a student together.Then come back, put the money back to the girl.And thinking back on it would also have to marry her, he had the 30s. The village people say that man does not.Of course, there is that silly girl. But the story is really not what we can imagine, and this story, we have been handed back, the original really have such a beautiful love in the world, behind someone put the girl married.She is in the public institutions, post high. Things back then, in fact, we do not need to go on, there are back, but I think it talked about almost. Because we certainly want everyone to have a good.But the results of that study in bad boys behind.The good woman. So I thought, if the girl did not study for his boyfriend, maybe she really does not hit such a good boy.And boy, it looks like the original mind, not to be found, perhaps the girls suffer a lifetime. Finally, there is no result, but fortunately not married.But really the achievements of others is really its own success. In fact, in the countryside, especially a few years ago really is not easy reading.The village has a personal order to put his son and daughter graduated from college, a full three years never buy one or two of meat.And too many people so that they are out to make money to help at home. The meat does not buy one or two back, child graduated from college, is assigned to a very good job. People work very well, and later married a good wife, a good daughter married her husband, also look up. And originally, let the children out of people to make money, but still there is no way. In fact, sometimes invest in their children is really quite worth.This man is?Fold return.The main thing is that he can be a sense of security, old age.This really is not the plot, reading really is the best way out. He achievements of the child, his children his achievements. In our group, there are individuals, it is like this.Of course, he has a lot of atmosphere than the previous.He is strong brother.Before he did before electricity supplier, electricity providers really do not understand.Before mixing forum Ali, Ali really do not know, they are mixed stock forum. But after learning the group behind us, and he can learn by analogy, everywhere to share. Because he was just learning, sharing some will not, but all right, someone else will correct, then he summed up, and share.So he became what everyone’s central figure, Fujian Commercial Union chief, of course, his career has not done super well. We think the next also know that if he did not like this been someone else, pointing others. So he is also not grow so fast, it can not be supported by so many people, even though he spent a lot of treat. It says that man came out from Ali, in fact, not his own is like this, the whole culture of Ali is like this.It is still at a very early time, Ma made Ali Baba, said many of the shareholders, so to make money, so you want to make money. So Ma on the basis of their coming, there is no way to make money, we are almost sold tickets to the transformation Ali. But one day later, Ma know.We must help small and medium enterprises, SMEs what is missing, what gave Ma. But also deliberately engage in a forum Ali, because at the forum, a lot of people will say at the top, where the bad here, where there is not good.Ma also often mixed with the forum, also often write posts.Where is that bad, once modified. Finally, more and more people like Ali, Ali, so some people say that it takes money to buy ads.. Ma finally make money.So Ma later learned, can not always think of what to shareholders, customers want what you want. Ma later also summed up very classic word, we are uncomfortable place, there must be opportunities. In fact, we seriously think the next, really like this, when we are the achievements of others, really can accomplish our own.Because others have been met.For between people, between us and the customer, between the company and the company, too. To help them solve the problem, they made progress, we will progress.They earn, we earn it. So, doing things is not difficult to find a project is not difficult to think of other people’s pain points, to solve, good intentions will. My QQ / micro-channel: 838 504 315, welcome to add friends.  Like (prose editor: drops of ink into the wound)